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Monkee Television Home Scripts


The Monstrous Monkee Mash
When Davy's vampire girlfriend invites him over to her castle, he realizes she has big plans for him. When Davy doesn't return at a reasonable time the other Monkees come to the rescue and end up getting mixed up in a scheme to recreate Transylvania.
Songs featured:
Goin' Down
The Devil and Peter Tork
Peter's overwhelming love for the harp causes him to enter a contract with the Devil, and the other Monkees go to court to prove that the contract is invalid.
Songs featured:
No Time
One Man Shy
When Peter falls in love with a debutante, he finds himself against some pretty stiff competition. When he finally wins the girl's affection the rest of the guys help him brush up on his social skills.
Songs featured:
You Just May Be the One
Forget that Girl

Monkees in a Ghost Town
On their way to an out of town gig, the Monkees run out of gas in a ghost town where they quickly find their presence is unwanted. Put in jail and threatened with death, their only hope is a former cabaret star. Will they find their way out of this mess??
Songs featured:
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Papa Gene's Blues