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Official Web Head Certification
Certifiable Web Heads Webring Page

If you believe you are a certifiable Web Head, here is your chance to prove it to the world (wide web that is). Once your application for web head certification is approved, you will be able to proudly display your web head certificate and link your page up with other web heads such as yourself.

Take this little quiz to find out.

You might be a Web Head if:

1.  You take your laptop to the bathroom with you.

2.  The computer area is surrounded by dirty dishes and empty food and soda containers.

3.  You check your e-mail first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed, (if you go to bed).

4.  The first appliance that is hooked up when you move is your P.C. and modem.

5.  Your P.C. is stationed in such a way that you can surf and still watch T.V.

6.  Frequently friends and family say they tried to call, but the phone just rang and rang.

7.  When asked a question you respond with "Let's look it up on the net".

8.  You get on the net while you are "waiting for the hot dish water to cool down in the sink".

9.  The most common statement you make is "Wow! Is it that late already?".

10.  Your significant other appears wearing seductive clothing and that look in their eyes and you say "In a minute Honey".

If 2 or more of the above statements apply to you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!, you are most likely a WEB HEAD!

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**The Certifiable Web Heads web ring is a family friendly web ring. If your site contains materials that are considered as unacceptable for all age groups (i.e. graphic sex, x+, perversion, racism, graphic violence or other concepts of questionable integrity) your page will not be admitted to the ring. This statement holds true all through your participation in the Certifiable Web Heads web ring, and all pages are subject to review by the ringmaster. The ringmaster has the discretion to add or remove pages/websites from the ring.

In other words, the ringmaster has the right to refuse service to anyone!**

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to join the Official Certifiable Web Heads web ring.  Your certificate will be e-mailed to you along with instructions.

If you're a member of the ring & need to update your information
enter your site ID and password below.

You can edit your sites name, your email address, keywords & description. You'll also find your customized ring html code at this site, which will already have your site ID#, name & email entered into it.

If you have forgotten your password,
leave it blank & you will be taken to the password option.

The Ring ID is webheadsring

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Please note: When you are finished updating your information, PLEASE LOG-OUT.
Thank you!

If you have any problem let me know & I'll be happy to help.

Please be patient can be slow to connect at times.

One last note, has changed things so if you get a message
that 'The Ring Is Locked' just try again later.

This happens because someone didn't log out when they finished.

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