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Anyone who knows me or has seen my yard knows that I am slowly becoming a rose lover. Love to look at them hate to prune them. I now have 18 hybrid teas, 1 grandaflora, and 2 florabundas, 2 groundcovers, 2 hedge roses.. Some of the roses in my collection are; Voodoo, which with lack of pruning is now around 8-9 feet tall, but a spactacular visual centerpiece.PurePoetry.jpgMagic Lantern, above left, Chicago Peace, Climbing Peace, Secret, Touch of Class, above right, Climbing Pinita~, Brass Band, Pure Poetry, left, Barbara Bush, Winning Colors, Mirabella, mini rose jpg Princess De Monico, Angel Face. Jeepers Creepers, Baby Blanket, Lady of the Dawn. I have several miniture roses, but by far my favorite is Hot Tomale. . I just added two David Austin Roses, Ghram Thomas, and Evelyn.

Singing in the Rain


winning colors
winning colors.

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My real passion is  sugar plum fairy EPIPHYLLUM CACTUS; Orchid Cactus. Zones 8,9,14-24, with protection; or indoors. Regular water in summer, little in winter. All of the Epiphyllum cactus are tropical not desert. They need rich, quick-draining soil with plenty of sand and leaf mold, peat moss,or ground bark. Cuttings are easy to root in spring or summer. Permit the base of the cutting to dry for a day or two before potting it up. Overwatering or poor drainage can cause buds to drop. Epiphyllum's need to be protected in winter from frost. These truely are an outstanding plant. Though they are hard to come by except by mail order. Unless you live in southern California. I will try to add pictures and information on where you can find these plants. And how to take care of them.


Another of my favorite plants is the cinnomon candyAfrican Violet. I will have pictures of a few of my plants sometime this next week. People think that african violets are so difficult to grow but they really aren't! Most peoples problem is that they give their plants too much care. That is right too much love is what leads to the demise of many african violets. Most important thing that I found out is that they don't like african violet pots. (I have had bad luck with them). My plants are placed in East and Northern exposure windows and they sit in plastic saucers. I water them once the folige starts to droop, now I don't mean that the plant has no life in it before I water it, just a little limp. The soil is dry to the touch before I water again also. I rarely fertilize my plants, when I do it is usually once a year with Super bloom, or you could use Scotts bloom plus. African violets as with any other plant bloom when they are stressed. :o) My plants literally thrive on neglect.african Violet I have had many people tell me that they can't grow this plant and I tell them they can! Just buy it and leave it be. My plants bloom almost year round.

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I also like house plants I just took a picture of thisphilodendron.jpg house plant I just recently got that I had been looking for for years! When I first saw it I believe it was called a Swiss Cheese Philodendron.leaf jpg I have never seen it in any garden books, but I will look for information on it. Picture a plant that looks like the heartleaf philodendron, then imagine it with long oval wholes in the leaves. It is one of the most amazing looking plants!
I also have other philodendrons like, Xanadu which has deeply cut leaves, it is beautiful!



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Information on this page is out of Sunset Western Garden Book, and personal experience of my own. snail.gif

Have a question about a plant that you are unsure of? I would be happy to help in any way that I can. :o)

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