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My Picture Gallery

Epi's in my garage
garage.jpg garage.jpg garage.jpg garage.jpg garage.jpg
These plants are kept in my garage in the winter time so that they don't get bit by Jack Frost. Some of the other plants in these pictures besides the Epiphyllum are Christmas cactus, and orchids.

I bought this plant with the scale on it. I didn't realize that it was scale until I got it home. This picture was taken the day that I treated this plant.

christmas Cactus.jpgChristmas cactus
christmas Cactus.jpg
I had some beautiful blooms this year from my Christmas cactus. I have some beautiful colors but didn't get any pictures of them. Maybe next year!
You have to keep coming back. :o)
I also have buds setting on my Easter Cactus, so those pictures will be on here sometime around Apr. or May.

sugar plum fairy.jpg bud.jpg ©SSaSSSy '98