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This is one of my many Cymbidium Orchids.

orchid.jpgThis is the same plant, these are great in my zone (9) because they can handle extreme heat as long as they are in the shade. They can also handle cold, they need a "burst" of cold weather before they will set their buds.

camilia.jpg This is one of my favorite camelias; Betty Sheffield Supreme.

Lilac.jpg The Lilac is one of my favorite plants. I love blue/purple flowers in the yard, especially fragrant ones!

forget.jpgMy favorite little flower, the Forget Me Not.

dog.jpgThis is princess, great dog and she is yard friendly. lol She is a mix of rohdisian ridgeback (spelled wrong I am sure), german shepard and black lab. She is terrific!! She is under our blooming pear, the backyard had no shade until we planted this tree 2 years ago. A must have for the 100+ degree dog days of Summer!

bleeding heart



Another one of my favorite plants is JUSTICIA; Zones vary by species, as does exposure, and water. The J. carnea (Jacobinia carnea). BRAZIALIAN PLUME FLOWER. (Shown in pink but also available in white), Best in zones 8-9, 13-24; Can be grown as an indoor plant. It is soft wooded, with veined leaves to 10". Dense clusters of pink to crimson, tubular flowers that bloom on 4-5' stems. Easy to start just clip and dip into rootone, put into soil and water. Before too long you will have another plant. I will have a picture soon.
The J.brandegeana (Beloperone guttata). SHRIMP PLANT. Is another favorite. Tubular white flowers spotted with purple are enclosed in coppery bronze, overlapping bracts to form compact, drooping spikes 3" long. Spike formation somewhat looks loke a large shrimp.


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