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The Idea of Women's Equality and its Migration throughout American History

This History Day Project web page was created by:

Wesley Sheffield

Linda Nguyen

Elisa Valentine

Chloe` Spaith

All are eighth grade students of Mr. Kearney's Social Studies class and Sonora Elementary School.

Our history project is titled The Idea of Women's Equality and its Migration throughout American History. It is about how women suffered to gain equality in the last 300 years. Through the years, women have shown that they too should have the rights to be treated equal. With much effort, they fought to gain the support to be treated with respect as a human being. If it were not for these women in our past, then where would women be today?

This project of ours and the theme of migration ties in together because our project tells how the idea of women equality has migrated throughout American history. In colonial times, women were considered as servants and slaves who had no place or voice in society. Then in the 1800s, women began to speak out and the started a revolution in society. Now in the 1900s, women have an equal voice and a place in the society of today. Women have migrated themselves from slaves and servants to equal individuals today.

Colonial Times (1700-1800)

Westward Expansion (1800-1880)

The Women's Movement (1880-1950)

Modern Times (1950-Present Day)


Annotated Bibliography

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