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Thank You!

In conclusion, we would like to thank all that have taken time to read our web page. We realize that our project is over our time limit and that our project's topic is extremely complex. To fully cover the subject matter, it would take more than the few minutes in which we were allowed. We all agreed that no matter what the outcome, we would put our best work forward and not settle for anything less. We hope that we have done just that. If it puts us out of the competition, that's life. What is most important is that we did something that was important to us, not winning a starched, stiff blue ribbon that cost merely a few pennies. What we have experienced is priceless. We learned a lot and came out of this project thinking about life in a whole new way. We want to thank the women who made our world what it is today. We also realize that life wasn't fair for our founding mothers and we have it lucky. This project also inspired us to take a new emphasis to life and started new goals to improve our world for the future generations. We may never reach those goals, but at least we have them. A wise person once said: "What is sad is not that a person fails to reach their goals, but rather that they fail without any."

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