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Annotated Bibliography

Colonial Times

Secondary Sources:

Founding Mothers gave me information relating directly to my project. It was useful, very helpful, and my main resource.
Westward Movement

Secondary Sources:

This book showed me all the important events that happened in women history. It helped because it gave me the impression that women 's history was more than just a fight to vote. I was very informative and the main resource for my portion of the project.

A More Perfect Union gave me in-depth information about my time period.
The Women's Movement

Secondary Sources:

Ms. Banner's book provided large amounts of information pertaining directly to women in America. Her book was helpful, informative, and the main resource for my portion of the report.

Meredith Goldstein-LeVande provided useful information on the anti-sufferage movement.

Modern Times

Secondary Sources:

Ms. Banner's book was extremely helpful and informative about the 1950-1970. The book provide direct informatin dealing with my topic.

The Decade of Women was very helpful and main resource for providing information about women's achievements during the 1970s and also early 1980s.

Prolife Feminism Online gave us information on prolife feminism. The information was very useful, quite interesting, and a source for information on prolife.

Web Page Resources
Primary Sources:

Angelfire Communications provided free web page, web editors, server space, html information, backgrounds, color, and much more. It was our main source for info and help for our page.

Mr. Fancher's web page provided the "Luvn Tune" background for our web page.

This web page provided numerous pictures related directly to our subject on our web page.

The Rosie the Riveter Homepage provided the Rosie the Riveter picture on our web page.

TheGlamorous Gibson Girl web page provided the gibson girl picture on our web page/

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