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Kommissar (Inspector) Rex
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A Man and His Dog

Man and His Dog small Or should that be A Dog and His Man?

Come in and have a sniff around. This section of my site is devoted to the adorable and heroic German Shepherd, Kommissar Rex. Rex was adopted by a Homicide detective, Richard Moser, after the death of his trainer. Ever since, Rex has become a fixture of Vienna's Homicide Department and a regular on our television screens.

This television series is set in Austria but filmed in Germany. As an Australian viewer who doesn't speak a word of German, I must extend profusive thanks to the Channel SBS Translation Service who provide english subtitles so that my fellow Australians and I can continue to enjoy the antics of Kommissar Rex.

Disclaimer : Kommissar Rex is owned by Mungo film, Tauris film, SAT.1 and ORF and was created by Peter Hajek and Peter Moser. None of the characters, actors or photographs belong to me, unfortunately. I'm just borrowing them, having a bit of fun and then returning them more or less unharmed.