Chapter 9

“Hey y’all listening to Z95.7, and we’re here with the Backstreet Boys. How are you guys doing?”

“Same-o-same-o,” Kevin said.

“Could I say something before we start rolling?” AJ asked.

“Sure.  Go right ahead.”

“Kay Kay…”

“AJ, it’s been 2 years.  She’s never tried to call you or get in touch with you,” Howie sighed.

“Lay off him guys,” Brian said.

“Thanks, Bri.  Kay Kay…if you’re out there listening.  Call me, get in touch with me, do something!  I miss you.  We all miss you.”

“AJ, it’s been tough these past years, hasn’t it?”

“What do you think?  I lost the woman I love, and I haven’t seen her in 2 years…,” he broke off when he was crying and promptly excused himself.

Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, the DJ said, “If you got any questions for the guys call 888-876-0957.  Remember you can call from all over the country.”

A woman was sitting on a bench when she heard it.  “Alex,” she whispered, and got up to try to walk to a phone, after 10 different people, she finally got helped by a policeman, who took pity on her.

“Will you be okay, ma’am?”

“Yes, thank you.  Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, ma’am.”

“Where am I?”

“New York City, ma’am.”

“Could you do me a favor?”

“What’s that, ma’am?”

“Stop saying ma’am.  It makes a woman feel like she’s a hundred years old.”

“I will.”

After feeling on the buttons she dialed the number.  She heard.  “Hello, Z95.7.  What’s your name?”

“I’d rather not say, right now.  Is that okay?”


“Are the Backstreet Boys, still there?”

“We’re right here,” drawled a deep voice.

“Oh my God, Kevin?!  Brian?!  Nick?!  Howie?!  Alex?!” she whispered into the phone.

“Well minus, AJ.  He…um…went to the bathroom,” Brian said.

“How’s Dolly?”

“Oh my lord,” Nick said.  The public knew that AJ was taking care of an ugly 
looking pitbull, but they never did find out the name.

“AJ!  AJ!” Howie yelled.

“Where are you right now?” Brian demanded.

“New York City.”

“Wait…calm down.  Do you know her?” the DJ asked, excited that this drama was unfolding in his radio station.

“It’s Kay Kay,” Kevin stated shocked.

“What are you doing in NYC?!” Howie asked.

“I don’t even know how I got here.”

“How come you never got in touch with us?” Kevin asked.

“I did try, but you guys got your numbers all changed, home and cell, might I add.  Plus, who’s going to believe a blind lady claiming to be Alex’s missing girlfriend?”

“What man?” AJ said sniffling as everyone got quiet.


“Kay Kay?”


“Oh my God!  Baby, where have you been these 2 years?”

“I really don’t know.  It’s a total blank.  All I know is that I’m in NYC.  Please come get me.”

“I’ll be there as soon as possible.  I’m catching the next flight out.  Meet me at the airport.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

When AJ stepped through the doors of the corridor, he expected to find her running into his arms.  But a little boy came up to him, and somehow, AJ knew he could trust him, lead him to a lady, with her back facing him, with dirty clothes.  Yet somehow they looked familiar.  The boy helped her up and turned her around.  It was Kay Kay dressed in the exact same clothes she had disappeared in.  She had gotten real thin, almost paper thin.

“Alex?” she asked.

“Yes.  What happened to you?” he asked when he noticed her scars.

“I’ll tell you later.  Can you come a little closer?”

“I’m right in front of you, can’t you see me?”

“You can’t tell, can you?”

“Tell what?”

“I’m blind.  I have been since that day.  Please let me touch you.”  AJ took one of her hands and put them to his face.  Allowing her to touch her face, she would never see again.  Both of them had tears flowing down their eyes, silently.  “I’ve missed you so much.”

AJ took her into his arms and hugged her as tight as he could.  They both were weeping.  That was how the other guys found them, crying and holding on to each other tightly as if they were going to be separated again.

“Come on guys.  We got to go,” said Kevin as he lead the whole entourage.  AJ carefully guided her through the throng of people.

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