Chapter 8

Two weeks later in a mall in LA, the guys were at the mall hanging out, everyone had gone off on their own. But the guys all met at 3 like AJ had asked them. “What’s up?”

“Where’s Kay Kay?”

“Well I need some help with picking out something for her,” he said as he led them to a shop nearby.

Meanwhile, Kay Kay was browsing in Miller’s Outpost, looking for some new stuff to wear.  All of a sudden she was surrounded by girls who were 10 years her junior.

“Are you in the BSB video?”

“Yes.  Was there anything I can help you with?” she asked as a sickening feeling fluttered in her stomach.

“What did you do, witch, to AJ?”

“What are talking about?”

“Don’t think we’re stupid.  We know about the mirror incident.”

“I don’t know…”

“Shut up, witch.  Come with us if you know what’s good for you,” one of them said menacingly.  Kay Kay could feel something sharp digging into her back.  “Act like we’re having the time of your life.”  The girls made their way to a deserted area of the parking lot, and the one holding the knife to her, shoved her down to the ground.

“What do you want?”

“You to take the spell cast on AJ off.”

“I don’t know any spells.  I’m not a witch.”

“What proof do you  have that you’re not?”

“I could have turned all of you into slimy little horny toads 5 minutes ago.”

“What about your eyes, bitch?  They’re too witch-like not to be a witch.”

“I could say the same to you.  I could accuse all of you of being witches because your eyes are different from mine.  You’re only pissed off because you don’t have AJ, isn’t it?  You’re jealous of all the women in his life.”

“I’m not jealous of a gold digging witch.”

“Sure you aren’t.  You’re jealous of me.”

“Don’t get sarcastic on me, bitch.”

“Look, I can’t take a spell off of AJ.  There isn’t any so-called spells on him.  What he does, he does because he wants to.”

“Liar!  If it weren’t for you, he would be one of us right now.”

“No offense, but you’re a little too young for him.”

“Shut up!  Age doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, but I’m legal, you’re not,” she taunted.

“Hag!” screamed the one with the knife, as she charged at her.

Kay Kay managed to dodge all of her crazy swings until hands grabbed her and held her against a tree.  She fought to get free, but there were too many of them.  She felt the tip of the knife slice her left cheek and forehead.  What made her more hysterical was the stinging pain that quickly spread across her eyes, a moment after she closed her eyes.  That was when they let go and watched her writhing in pain.

“AJ will never want you now, nor will he be able to find you.  I hope you learned your lesson, witch.”

“You went too far,” said another.

“Hey, you agreed to this.”

“But you didn’t have to blind her.”

“Well she knows what we look like, and don’t you think she’s going to the police and get all of us arrested.”

“Man, I can’t believe you’re going to pop the question,” Nick said excitedly.

“When are you going to ask her?” Kevin asked.

“I don’t know yet.”

“My little boy’s all grown up,” Brian cried on Howie’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe that you’re getting married at all.  I could have sworn you didn’t want to marry until you were Kevin’s age,” Howie said.

“That was before Kay Kay.”

“Where is she anyway?” Brian asked, when he looked at his watch.  “She’s 10 minutes late.”

“Maybe she forgot about the time.”

An hour later, they were still waiting for her.  “Where can she be?”  It’s almost closing time,” AJ said, worried.

“Why don’t we all look for her, and meet back here in an hour,” Kevin suggested.  An hour came and went, and it was closing time.  They were kicked out of the mall and grumbled back to their car.

“Damn it.  Where the hell can she be?!” AJ said, frustrated.

“Let’s go get Dolly.  She’s gotta be able to sniff her out,” Howie said.

“Uh huh.  No way,” Nick said.  He never got along with Dolly for some reason.

“Come on, man.  She’s our only chance of finding her.”

“Fine, but keep her away from me.”

Dolly ran straight for the deserted area of the parking lot immediately when she was let out of the car.  The guys had to sprint to keep up with her.  They found Dolly whining and pushing something with her nose.  AJ picked it up and nearly dropped it.  It was the little ancient Chinese bronze coin charm that she always wore.

“Damn AJ.  I don’t know what to tell you, but look,” Howie said as he pointed to a spot a few yards from them.  It was a little pool of blood.

“Shit,” Brian said.

“This can’t happen.  This is a dream.  Yeah, a dream that’s what it is,” AJ kept repeating as he gripped the charm even harder.

Kevin shook him good and slapped him.  “AJ!  Don’t flip out yet.  We don’t know who’s blood it is.”

Within 10 minutes, the police was swarming over the whole place.  Dogs were barking and questions were being asked over and over.  Within the hour, the blood had been confirmed that it was indeed Kay Kay’s.  “Mr. McLean.  We do not know if she is alive or not.  But we’re all hoping that she is.”

“She is.  I know she is.”

The guys did everything they could to look for her.  The put her picture in America’s Most Wanted, MTV, and every concert they did.  Yet they never heard anything from her.  AJ took over Kay Kay’s rent and was constantly there.  He wore the charm he had found, and never took it off.  Besides AJ, her disappearance hit Brian hard too.  He had lost her once, and it was too soon to lose her again.  They had just gotten to the level of friendship they had had when they were both 16.

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