Chapter 7

On the day of the last concert, AJ had put their magic mirror in his room, and was spending sometime with Kay Kay on the couch, which was in plain view of the mirror. They were snuggling and talking about stupid things.

Somehow, 2 girls snuck into AJ’s room hoping to find him, but all they saw were his clothes and the mirror.  The girls took a double take in the mirror, almost not believing what they were seeing.  They ran to the mirror and started to yell into the mirror and banging their first against it, luckily they weren’t able to go through the mirror.

“What the hell?”

“Alex, the girls are going to break the mirror!”

“Hey calm down,” AJ said.

“Bitch!  What the hell are you doing with my man?!” screamed the adolescent girl #1.

“You two cent ho!  You’re after him for this money!  AJ.  I really love you.  Marry me,” said #2.

“Look you little…,” Kay Kay started just as AJ clamped his hand on her mouth, and whispered in her ear, “Calm down.  You’ll only get them more riled up.  Go into the kitchen, and I’ll come get you when they’re calmer.”


“Please, baby.  Do this once for me.” She shrugged him off of her and glared at the girls before she did as she was asked.

“Hey she’s the girl from the video,” said #1.

“Yeah, and the role suited her too,” replied #2.

“Yo chill out.  She’s not like that.  She’s actually pretty cool, and let me tell you.  She doesn’t even let me buy her lunch, and we were on a date.  So you got the money grubbing thing all wrong.  She’s also not a ‘two cent ho’ as you kindly put it.  I think you should apologize to her for maligning her reputation.  So when I bring her back, you apologize,” he ordered.  He brought Kay Kay, who looked quite subdued back to the room.

“We’re sorry,” they said, but Kay Kay saw in their eyes that didn’t really mean it.

“So is she your girlfriend?” #1 asked.

“Yes she is actually.  Do you have a problem with that?”

“Actually I…,” #2 cut off as #1 jabbed her with her elbow.

“We don’t.  It’s expected that you have girlfriends,” said #1.

“Yeah as long as it was you,” Kay Kay finished the sentence in her mind.

“Good…could you hand me a couple of those T-shirts over there to me.  Thanks,” he said as his hands reached out quickly and took the shirts.  He calmly autographed his shirts for them and called one of the security guards to lead them out.

“You know they didn’t mean a damn thing they said.”

“I knew that, but why make a big deal out of it.  I can’t tell them what to do and make them mean it.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Wasn’t it strange that they couldn’t get through the mirror, but all 6 of us can?”

“You mean 7.  You forgot about Dolly.”

“Yeah, 7.”

“I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I’m the one who controls what the mirror can do and the only people who can go through are the ones I love…” she drifted off.

“So you love me?”

“Of course, I love you, dimwit.”

“Good, cuz I love you too.”

They gave each other another sweet little kiss, but soon grew to something more intense.  Kay Kay gently pushed AJ against the mirror as she pushed herself onto his lean body.  His hands moved under the back of her sweatshirt as hers moved around his neck.  She buried her fingers into his hair and gently massaged his scalp, making him groan and pulled her against him even harder.  Their tongues intertwined as their breathing got heavier.  Somehow they got both their shirts off.  AJ’s lips worked their magic on her jawline.  Her head tilted back to  give him more access.
Their moans united in the air, as AJ bent her back at the waist to train his lips down to the top of breasts.  That motion brought her more intimately close to him as she felt the size of him.

The rest of the guys were already for the concert, and were wondering what was taking so long.  Even though they knew he would be with her, he had never been so late, that they had to track him down.

“I bet you they’re having sex,” Nick said.

“You perverted, little boy,” Howie said.

“Look who’s call me little.”

“I bet you their making out,” Brian said ignoring what he had said.

“You guys are so damn immature,” Kevin said.

“Shut up, old man.”

“Watch it, Carter,” he said as he turned the knob.  Without waiting for the door to be opened for him, Nick shoved it open and said, “Ha!  Told you so.”

Everyone looked to the direction of the mirror to see his ass against the mirror.  Brian went to put his hand through the mirror, but his fingers met the solid surface of it.  “Damn.  She locked us out.”

Nick knocked on the mirror, but got no response.  Howie busted out one of those corny porn tunes and the rest of the guys joined in watching them.

“Honey…” breathed Kay Kay between kisses.

“Yeah baby?” he said as he kissed her neck.

“What’s that sound?”

“My heart,” he whispered against her skin, causing her to shiver delightfully.

“No, the music.”

AJ lifted his head and turned around.  “Damn it, guys.  Don’t you got anything else to do?”

“Yeah…a concert to do in 10 minutes.  But this is so, how should I say this, stimulating,” Nick said.

“You’re all a bunch of perverts!” Kay Kay said as she tried to cover herself.

“You don’t need to cover up.  I’ve seen more of you than the number of beers served by Moe,” Brian quipped.

“But we were kids playing doctor,” she retorted.

“You wanna play doctor with me?” Nick asked.

“Come on.  There’s a concert we gotta do.  It’s the last one,” Kevin said, as he held back one very pissed off AJ.

“I’ll be back soon, sweetie.  We can continue this later?” he asked, as he was dragged through the mirror.

“In your dreams.”

“That’s what we’re doing in them.  All day, all night.”

“Gross.  I didn’t need to hear that AJ,” Brian said.

“Tell me what you’re doing in them,” Nick said eagerly.

“I don’t think so, you little pee brain.”

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