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Obsessive Anxiety

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Obsessive worry is similar to a negative spiral . The more time you spend with it, the deeper you get into it. Only a deliberate act of will can free you from it. You have to make a deliberate effort to “get out of your own head” and turn off the worry by changing to another form of experience, such as an activity, communication, sensory distraction, ritual, expression of emotion, or even an alternative positive obsession.

Here are some examples of alternative experiences that can help pull you out of the negative spiral of obsessive worry:

. Physical exercise: dancing, walking, running, swimming, weight lifting, biking, scrubbing floors, cleaning out a closet, sports activities

Progressive muscle relaxation

Deep breathing technique 

Use the evocative power of music to express and release repressed feelings. Never underestimate the ability of music to change your mood.USE IT!! FEEL IT!! RELEASE IT!!

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To Release ANGER

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To Elevate Your MOOD

Talk to a friend about something other than the worry.

Use visual distractions, such as TV, movies, reading, computer, video games, looking at your garden.

Use sensory-motor distraction, such as arts and crafts, repairing something, gardening, painting, visiting a museum, sewing, cooking

Find an alternative positive obsession, such as photography, taking a course, journal keeping, fishing, take up a sport, collecting, crossword puzzles

Use healthy rituals: practice the rituals of the religion of your choice or make use of positive affirmations, such as “Let go and let God", "I’m OK, you’re OK"," I can do it."

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