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Anxiety Self-help Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and CatsWorry, Worry, WorryAnxiety Self-help Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and Cats

Workshop For Anxiety

no anxiety Cat Relaxation from stress, anxiety and worry

This is Buddy the Cat. Stick around a while, and let the ol' Bud guide you through our workshop on coping with anxiety and worry.


Why do these pages have a “Cat Theme”? What do CATS have to do with ANXIETY? Well, do you know ANY living creature that worries more than a cat? After living with six cats, we decided that cats are the best example possible for generalized anxiety and worry. Five of our six kitties are constantly in inner turmoil over such major issues as “She got one more rub behind the ears than I did” and “The food dish isn’t empty now, but it looks like it could be, soon.” Seems funny, huh......but oddly familiar too......


Worry? Anxiety? Not our cat Buddy! Buddy the Cat has mastered many of the coping techniques for anxiety that we describe on these pages, and leads a most serene life. As you go through these workshop pages, Buddy will demonstrate some of his favorite techniques for coping with anxiety and worry.


We're people, not cats. We don't have to be like that, or to let anxiety rule our lives. It takes a conscious choice, a decision to change, and lots of hard work. Use the workshop pages, do your "homework" journaling, and practice your new skills. After all, doesn't "practice make perfect"?  PERFECT? PERFECT?? That sounds kind of anxious, doesn't it? I guess we really need this workshop!


Anxiety affects all of us at some point in our lives. What does anxiety feel like? It's a feeling of worry, insecurity, apprehension or foreboding. Someone once described anxiety as “a chronic feeling of impending doom”. Anxiety is not  the same thing as fear. Fear is an acute, short term response to a clear cut, well defined external threat; anxiety is a diffuse, generalized response to some vague threat or stress.


This website is not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy. If you need help, get it. However, these pages can be used as part of a self help plan to increase understanding about anxiety and worry, and to develop improved coping skills to relieve some of the symptoms. Each page is a separate lesson, part of a free anxiety workshop, to be done at your own speed. They can be printed out, and used that way too. You may want to do some journaling as a self-help tool, after you complete each page. Come back for reviews frequently, and learn from what you have previously written.

Anxiety Self-help worry Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and CatsSITE MAP:Anxiety Self-help Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and Cats

All About Anxiety

Aspects of Anxiety

How To Stop Obsessive Anxiety

Seeking Support For Anxiety

Funniest Cat Photos

Learn More About Anxiety


This site is a free public service, to help those who suffer with anxiety, but Buddy and I would appreciate your help in keeping this site going. If you buy a book, cat video or some catnip from us, Ol' Buddy and I will have a lot less worry too!

Anxiety Self-help Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and CatsBUDDY RECOMMENDS:Cat videos and Cat TV for Anxiety Self-help Psychology Stress Advice Worry Workshop and Cats

To Help You Relax:


To Help Your Cat Relax:

Cat videos no anxiety or worry Cat TV

All 4 of Ol' Bud's brothers and sisters are hooked on their cat videos, and it is fun to watch them drool and slobber over the little birdies! I guess that is a tension reliever for me! Buddy doesn't watch much TV himself, as that would cut into his nap time.

catnip No Anxiety Buddy the Cat Relaxation from stress, anxiety and worry


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