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Worry, Worry, Worry

Seeking Support For Anxiety

People who have a good support system (friends, families, co-workers) tend to handle stress better, and therefore have less anxiety, than those without support. Having a network of relationships gives you a source of support during stressful times when you need it. The quality and intimacy of those relationships is more important than the quantity.

Obviously, different sorts of people provide different types of support. The Serenity Prayer can be used again to sort out the type of problem, and then the sort of support that you require.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

 The things you cannot change (uncontrollable problems) are best handled by seeking support from those who let you talk, and who give you emotional support; the things you can change (controllable problems) are best handled by seeking support from those who help you problem solve, and give you information.

This is Wolfie, one of Buddy's wild friends. Buddy advises

"Choose your friends carefully and don't hang out with someone who will increase your anxiety."


Please use this journaling exercise as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, and your support system. No one has to see what you write- this is just for you, to get your feelings out. Save what you have written and come back to it latter, to gain additional insights. Go on, try it! It really works. No one is going to give you "a bad grade" for spelling and punctuation.

  1. With whom do you have close, positive relationships?
  2. Who can help you solve problems or give you information?
  3. Who can provide emotional support, or just listen?
  4. How do you give support to someone else?
  5. How do you ask for support from someone?
  6. What are some ways that you can meet and make new supports?
  7. If you don't have an answer for these questions, what does that mean?

Buddy says,"Don't stay up late worrying about work you should have left at the office."

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