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Last Meals by R.A.Barrington

What would you choose for your last meal on earth?

My friend Katie would start with three whole Maine lobsters. I'd take honeydew chunks, a Misty menthol, and a Stoli with water, two lemon twists. But unless we do something very aggravating to the general populace we won't be able to select the final supper.

Death row prisioners do get the opportunity to choose a final meal. I don't think they can have cigs or beer or a Jack and water though. Also I wonder if there is a monetary limit tagged to that last meal? That could put the kabbash on Katie's lobsters. Better to stay free and eat what you want when you want.

Here are some of the convicts choices...true last meals.

This makes me sad.


"Truth is truth." I think that kind of thinking is only momentary. Truth is constantly being replaced by a higher truth. People once thought the earth was flat. When we know better, we do better, we think better, we stop executing prisoners on false accusations. As people in a free democracy it is our duty to offer DNA testing to all deathrow inmates. That is the truth.




The Last Meal Paintings

Come on over for tea....

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