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Rebecca A. Barrington~Art & Words

With Arms Wide Open

Okay I confess, I am a website junkie! Here are my exhibits, travelogues, goof-offs, rants, tall tales, and other Cool Stuff too.

Empires are a LOT of work. It's a constant battle against the proverbial chink in the Hans Christian Andersen dike. I keep having to jam my finger in it. All is well...for now.

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The Day That America Stood Still~The Terrorism Paintings
Evidence~Grafitti/Solar Eclipse 2000
1107 Pleasant Street
Crazee Cavegirl's Canada/Eastern Seaboard Tour
LuLu Eccentrix Galleries
I Love Bob Dylan!!! XOXOXO
Tarot Art Kards~The Major Arcana
The Afternoon Of The Faun
Babel:They Don't Have Meetings About Rainbows
Fourth of July:The Freedom Celebration
Arcadia:Art Boxes
*r*a*d*i*8*~ Radiation Art
The Invalid Mermaids
Cavegirl Paints the Walls~8 Cave Paintings
LuLu Lite~A Little Taste
Spank Me:For All Of Your Birthdays I Have Missed
Art Rest STOP!
PLACEMENT- - -FindersKeepers
A Summer Goof:Capturing Light
60s Mod Paper Dolls To Cut, Color, & Use
The 7 Deadly~Sin Exposure
New Orleans/Memphis Music Tour
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