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Welcome to the Sick Fish Page. This page is meant to be viewed within frames. Click Here to go to main page. Here you will find much information on fish disease including: diagnosis charts, images, diagrams, causes, treatments and speculation.

Not only will you find a wealth of information about disease, this site offers pages on news, information for beginners, links to other useful sites, fish species guide including many popular and interesting fish, a submitted section, and a great fish forum just for fish lovers like yourself.

While surfing this site you may come across other pages not mentioned here which are also worth a visit! Below are the descriptions and links to the main sections of the site, which can also be accessed by clicking on the menu bar above!

Diseases: From humble beginnings this page has grown to form a large expanse of useful information. Within the diseases base page lies three separate sections on fish disease; you may simple choose the most convenient form for your requirements. Of course you may also visit them all!

    The first section is a detailed list of diseases, with each disease is included an original colour illustration. At present this page only covers the main diseases, however in saying this it must be noted that the diseases listed are the ones responsible for 99% of fish deaths. When a disease is clicked on a detailed information sheet is provided. This includes a description of the disease, symptoms, causes and advice on possible treatments

    The second section is entitled, "Mappy the Fish". Mappy is an image map of a typical fish. When different parts of his body are clicked on a information sheet is provided. This information sheet includes and description of that part of the body, real images and diseases that can possible affect that part of the body.

    Finally, the third section is a quiz that may help diagnose your fish's disease. Simple answer the questions as they are presented to you and the most likely disease will be given as the result.

News: The news section covers any interesting news about fish that I may come across. These stories are collected from many different sources, even you the viewer! If you have a story that you think may be appropriate simple contact me. You can do this by clicking contact us on the menu bar above.

For Beginners: This page includes all the basic information someone staring up an aquarium needs to know. It covers the products necessary, things that need to be done and the requirements of fish. It may also be useful for people who are unsure about the running and maintenance of their current aquarium.

Links: Here you will find links to other good fish disease sites, as well as some other great sites whom without this site could not be in existence!

Fish Types: This page is yet to be fully completed, at present it covers Axolotls and Black Moors. It also includes a short video of my guppies. As time goes by I will add more and more profiles.

Submitted Section: This is the section where you can have your say, tell the world about your beautiful fish, tell your stories of disease/problems with your fish or even suggest a handy hint! Do write in if you have anything to add!

My Aquariums: Contains information about some of my aquariums. It will provide useful tips from my own experience.

Fish Forum: This is a great place to discuss anything fishy! You can ask for help about disease, tell of your own experiences or just talk about your fish in general. Come in and have a read and add your own thoughts.

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