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My New Aquarium!

This is the new aquarium I have been working on lately. Today it was completed! I have six imported guppies in it, all of which settled in quite happily in just a few minutes. I also have a large snail who right at the moment seems to be creating an egg-sack.

It is a small aquarium, holds approx 20L, however was a very good price at only $20 from K-mart! Another great bargain was the drift-wood, only $10. Else where for the same size and interest value the asking price was around $30.

The nice plants at the front are the fairly-common Gold Rush grass which were $5 a bunch. The guppies appear to like the taste of this plant, and have started tugging and pulling at it already!

UPDATE!! We have fry!!! Little teeny tiny guppies, ahhh so cute! The strange thing is I wasn't expecting it... they have been mating but none of the females showed any sign of being pregnant! I am still not sure who the mother is, perhaps the yellow one I decided to call Sunshine. Anyway, I have separated the fry (only two that I can see, might be more but are most likely hiding in the plants) and they are both very happy-looking and oh-so-cute!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE!! In this picture you can see a filter, a new filter. Granted it was on sale for only $10, but it broke down after a month. It has been deemed unfixable so off I went today to buy another. This time a different brand though (I wont mention any names, as I am sure it was just a one off...)

Set up the new filter which was $30 and all is going well.

Just hoping the extra money will provide me with a slightly longer lived filter this time!

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