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NEW DISEASE PAGE OPENED! The new comprehensive disease page is online. Listed are over 35 diseases, each with a diagram and information sheet. Click Here!

Disease Diagram Page.

This page includes colour diagrams of the most common diseases. When the disease is clicked on a detailed information sheet is provided. This includes a description of the disease, symptoms, advice on possible treatments and an image if the disease. Over 35 disease listed. Click Here!

Meet Mappy the Fish.

Mappy the Fish is an image map. Click on different parts of his body for descriptions (symptoms & treatments) of diseases that can affect that part of his body. Also some general information about the part of the body you want to know more about. This section also includes some useful, more indepth links. Parts of Mappy's body include: Mouth, Eyes, Skin, Gills, Tail, Fins and Bottom. Come and meet him :) Click Here!!

The Disease Diagnosing Quiz.

Take this short quiz to diagnose your fish's common disease. Only the common diseases are listed here, however is still very useful. It includes links to the diseases listed in the "Disease Diagram Page" (above). Hint: This will open in a new window, so don't just automatically close it like most pop-ups!

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