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Today well Lived
Makes every yesterday
A Dream of Happiness
And every tomorrow
A Vision of Hope

Native American Wisdom

"The deliberate pursuit of reciprocity fails, just like the pursuit of happiness. Acts of contribution, big and small, build your fund of social capital, creating a vast network of reciprocity. And so those who help you may not be those you help. The help you receive may come from distant corners of your network."

~ Wayne Baker



Focus of Site:

It is my intention that as this site grows, it will encompass many areas devoted to the growth of our hearts, mind, soul and body - it shall be uplifting, interesting, educational and fun.

Reciprocal links are very welcome - please sign the Guestbook with details or any other messages. Thank you.

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Om Symbol For the Soul

The Rainbow Meditation

Dreams and the Dreaming Experience


button For Witches & Pagans

January 18, 2005. Firstly, my apologies for being away for so long. Now life has given me the opportunity again to explore, develop and share - this time with everyone who wishes to tread a similar path. JANUARY 9, 2011 .... WHOA THERE! WHERE DID THE LAST SIX YEARS GO? STILL A LOT OF WORK TO BE DONE HERE :)

Bright Blessings to One and All

Native American A-Z on Culture, Traditions, Myths & Legends -

Pyramids, Stonehenge, Findhorn ... Why?

bullet For the Body

Lotions and Potions: Natural Ideas from A - Z

Seasonal & Lunar Gardening

Night-Scented Moon Gardens

bullet For Fun

Randomly selected lucky numbers - Lotto, Keno, etc

Create interesting phrases with your favourite "buzz" words!

Who Were You In Your Last Life?

Today's Quote

Trivia & Useless Facts Links

General Trivia

History - Trivia

bullet For Our World

Earthlink Logo
Australia's Ecofriendly
Printed and Online Directory

Australian Animals - Index

Wildlife of the World

Nature, the Environment & Conservation

Scenic Central Coast, NSW, Australia


Helping Others: Links

Help Your Fellow Beings, our Wildlife and Endangered Species, our Environment and Natural Resources by clicking the rainbow below.

Dream a better world for all and help make it happen.

You can help make a difference in a small, free way every day.


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therefore, some topics are not,
as yet, linked to pages.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


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