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Trivia Questions - General

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  1. What does the wail of a banshee reputedly foreshadow?
  2. Proverbially, what is it impossible to find in a haystack?
  3. How many nickels make a quarter?
  4. How many cents make a dollar?
  5. In 1967, Pat McGuigan, father of boxer Barry McGuigan, was Ireland's representative - in what capacity?
  6. Why was a "wideawake" hat so called?
  7. Midas was king of which country?
  8. In the 17th century, what job was done by "Charlies"?
  9. Which Conservative Cabinet Minister was called "Smuggins" at school?
  10. What were Bow Street Runners nicknamed, because of their coloured waistcoats?
  11. What does the inhabitant of the crow's nest on a ship keep?
  12. Women of which religion wear the "burqa"?
  13. What is the first of the seven canonical hours in religion?
  14. Which tree is sometimes called the "Hampshire Weed"?
  15. What is "snuff-dipping"?
  16. Which two words were substituted for swear-words on the Watergate tapes?
  17. What does "cave canem" mean?
  18. In 1984, 70-year-old Peggy Barlow attempted to hold up a Kensington Bank with what?
  19. What were Quakers originally called?
  20. Who hold the catalogue of the 1851 Great Exhibition on his Memorial?
  21. What are Klondike, Canfield and Scorpion?
  22. The Harvest Moon appears in which month?
  23. Which English firm once made a "Bullnose" car?
  24. Which weapon takes its name from the French for "pomegranate"?
  25. We may say "It's a cinch!" for something easy, but what is a cinch?


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