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Trivia Questions - History

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  1. During World War II, what was Iva Toguri d'Aquino's nickname?
  2. What was Brummell, the Regency leader of fashion, known as?
  3. Which battle of 1942 did Churchill call "the end of the beginning"?
  4. Who was the USA's second President, and father of the sixth?
  5. Which island did the Romans call Vectis?
  6. In the 17th century, what job was done by "Charlies"?
  7. Which king was married to Anne Hyde, though she died before he became king?
  8. Against which king did Hereward the Wake rebel?
  9. Khartoum, on the orders of Kitchener, was built to represent which flag?
  10. For how long was Oliver Cromwell's head displayed on the roof of the Houses of
  11. Parliament?
  12. For how long were the American Embassy staff in Tehran held captive?
  13. Which monarch lost the battle of Actium?
  14. Which war was described as "The war to end all wars"?
  15. Who were called "the shrieking sisterhood" by their critics?
  16. Who said of Viscount Montgomery, "In defeat unbeatable, in victory unbearable."?
  17. When were England and Scotland joined under one ruler?
  18. Which General founded the Scots Greys and reputedly haunts Blackness Castle?
  19. What particular use did the US Army make of Navajo Indians in World War II?
  20. Which French king did Joan of Arc assist to defeat the British?
  21. In which castle was King Edward, the Martyr, murdered in AD978?
  22. After which prince was Dartmoor's Princetown named?
  23. Which English monarch owned a pleasure boat called "The Rat of Wight"?
  24. How many murders did Burke and Hare commit, in order to supply corpses for
  25. medical schools?
  26. Why were bells originally rung at funerals?
  27. Which was the last year to read the same upside down as the right way up?
  28. Where did King Aggabodhi and King Parakrama Bahu rule?
  29. How many states formed the Confederacy in the American Civil War?
  30. In 1832, Prince Otto of Bavaria became the first king of which country?


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