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This is a non-profit site dedicated for all red-eared sliders lovers and owners. Red-eared sliders are really adorable and wonderful creatures. Learn more about rearing, breeding and fun facts about red-eared sliders by surfing through this site. 

Most of the information here is based on my research and experience. I found that the most useful resource books on turtles and tortoises are 'Complete Idiot's Guide to Turtles & Tortoises' & 'Turtles and Tortoises (Barron's)'.

Please bear in mind that information and pictures here are NOT to be used or duplicated onto another site.

If you own a turtle related site, feel free to add my site to your link. If you want to have an affiliation with my site, please email me at the address below.

I have excluded hibernation and temperature info in my site because I dwell in tropical climate area and have no experience in that. If you would like more information about hibernation etc. please refer to the Links section. 

Enjoy the site!

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that all the information and cure here is 100% accurate and effective. If you are still not sure of certain things, please do your own research or ask a qualified reptile vet.


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