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  Links - here are some links I found while surfing...


Shell Shock
Pets and general
Austins Turtle Page
About different turtles
Resliders' Swamp
Pets and interesting info
Valerie Haecky's Turtle Information Pages
Detailed information on turtles
My pet turtles
Pets and breeding of the pet turtles
Water turtles
Sliders caresheet
Peng's Pet Red-Ear Sliders
General info and links
Slider Home
A site dedicated to red-eared sliders.
Reptile care
Info about reptiles like iguana
Slider Haven
Featuring adopted res with useful links
Turtle Rescue Inc
Turtles and tortoises rescue
North Carolina Turtle Rescue and Referral
Turtle rescue & adoption
Happy Turtle Pub
A forum about turtle care
Turtles & Tortoises
Interactive and miscellaneous
A site featuring all sorts of pets

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