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Welcome to Dennis McClung Blues Bands live music entertainment page. These mp3 downloads are online music downloads of our new CD called Live Out Of The Ordinary". What you hear on this CD is exactly what our audience heared during the recordings. No studio tricks, only live blues with all the passion and fury from the soul. The Dennis McClung Blues Band provides live blues music entertainment and is based south of Pittsburgh. Book the band for Pittsburgh blues music entertainment. These free blues music mp3 downloads and download samples from the Dennis McClung Blues Band, will give you a sample of what you will hear on our CD as well as at our shows.

Listen to these music download samples by clicking the MP3 download icon. Some of these files are quite large (you should go to preferences in your player and set it to download at least 30 seconds of the clip before rebuffering. Also adjust your Equalizer in your player accordingly.

How Blue Can You Get

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