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Salvation Army Donations 2002 Farimont WV

          The Blues musician Dennis McClung, along with Sherri Biafore (director of Social Services for the Salvation Army in Fairmont West Virginia and Marion County) coordinated benefit concert for Fairmont WV Marion County Salvation Army donations. The moneys raised went to Fairmont West Virginia area Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. The benefit concert was a success, despite its short notice. The moneys raised for the Salvation Army donations was over $3,000.00. There was a raffle for a 27" color TV and Dennis McClung raffled off a 1963 American made Fender Stratocaster guitar from his own personal collection. The Fairmont West Virginia newspaper "The Times", featured an article on Dennis and Sherri for their efforts to raise money for the Salvation Army. Sandy and John Provins presented the two with a placque of recognition and appreciation in "The Times" December 20th 2002 issue.

        In addition to the raffles, there were bands and solo musicians from the Fairmont West Virginia area providing music entertainment. Among the bands and musicians contributing there time were the following, with photos of each group provided by "Impressions" Photo Studio at 325 Adams St. in downtown Fairmont WV. Among the performers were: The Bullfrog and Tim Hicks, with special guest Mark Shellhammer, Joe Neumeyer, Sixty Dollars, Soberpill, and The Dennis McClung Blues Band with special guest Ed Bennett, Joe Sabatino, and Bob West. View the Picture.

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