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It is hard for us as Southerners to look at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as being anything but Justice being served, However was justice really served? Could justice have been better served by letting this tyrant live and answer for the crimes against the Southern and Native American people? We will never know, one thing we do know is that the Assassination of Mr. Lincoln sent him into an eternity of martyrdom.

Yes that's right! Mr. Lincoln was made a National Hero and his legacy filled the moment he took his last breath, and although at that moment in our history southerners felt some vindication, the vindication ultimately landed in the laps of those who thrust this war and invasion on the southern people, and we gave it to them.

......... ......... Is there any hope for true succession


Is there any hope for true succession?

Well there is always hope and anything is possible, however let's look at this realistically!

With the amount of money each Individual State receives from the Federal Government, and the Dependency cycle created by the Federal Government, it would make it nearly impossible to break away at this moment in our History. The only hope to those who still burn for separation from this union, is a collapse of the U.S. Dollar.

The U.S. Dollars value continues to decline it seems daily as compared to the Euro, and as the European Union grows the Dollar will continue to decline. I know it sounds un-American, however those who still hold the passion, principles and the moral values that the Founding Fathers created this Country on, understand that this isn't the America they intended it to be. As I said in a previous statement, America died April 9, 1865 in a little old Courthouse in Appomattox Virginia.

So what is this hope I speak of?

Well, what it would take now to create a new Nation the way our founding Fathers envisioned, would be a total collapse of the Federal Government as we know it, and Individuals that are not willing to compromise their moral principles. A total collapse would destroy the States dependency on the Federal Dollar, therefore forcing a New Nation to be created.

Is this likely? Doubtful and unlikely in our lifetime, however it is only a matter of time, as every Nation will rise and fall, it is just the law of Nature, and quite possibly Gods wrath on an immoral society, where it is OK to kill a baby, and immoral to kill a murderer, OK to teach our children about homosexuality but against the law to teach them about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Deo Vindice!


I have been a Police Officer for 11 years, I have seen it all, the GOOD the BAD the UGLY, and the IGNORANT! It is amazing how much ignorance is out there in this society today. We live in a "Believe what you see on TV, what you learn in Public Schools society" There are very few people out there that are willing to find out or research the truth on their own. Most people would rather have History spoon fed to them, even if it is a distortion of the facts.

A good example and what I hear most often As it relates to current events is;

"Boy that George Bush sure has this Country screwed up" This is the best, because the moment you ask that person "How does Bush have it so screwed up?" The most common reply is; after all the shaking and nervousness calms down because you have put that person on the spot and are about to make him or her look foolish, they reply by saying "Well look, everyone is losing their Jobs, and Bush is taking everyone's Overtime benefits, and look at all the people dying in Iraq, Those soldiers didn't sign up to go to war!" At that point you have to cut the person off, before you slap the stupid out of him or her.

1st fact: The economy is at a higher growth rate under Bush than it was when Clinton was reaping the rewards of Reagonomics, Fact: Clinton enjoyed an average eco growth rate of 5.3% So far Bush enjoys an average eco growth rate of 7.1 % this even after acquiring Clintons Economic Recession, Can you say thanks to the largest tax cut in History?

Fact: Over 700,000 jobs have been created in the last 8 months under Bush, so tell me, Who is losing their jobs? You can not count Jobs lost due to the large Companies using the Liberal propaganda (Bad Economy) as a way to reform their work force to bring payroll down. One thing the Liberals do know and understand is that the Masses (Public) are incurably ignorant, and they take full advantage of it.

Fact: Overtime Cut, all I can say here is, if you make under $250,000.00 a year and are making a statement like that, your one of the ignorant ones who failed to educate yourself, and I have every right to call you a MORON!

Fact: If you joined the Military and are now crying the blues because you are in a War you did not sign up for, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! YOU DID SIGN UP TO GO TO WAR YOU COWARD! Did you forget the oath you took? Millions of Men and Women gave their lives so you would have the right to cry and moan about the Military now that your in a war, If I am talking about you, then you need to be dropped in the center of Baghdad and left there, YOU YELLOW BELLIED SCALAWAG!

Here is some advise, educate yourself before you speak, and if you are a Coward, don't join the Military, you might actually have to defend your Country, join the peace corps.





This site is Owned, Operated, and Maintained by Roger Mayfield November 30, 2004 All Rights Reserved

This site is Owned, Operated, and Maintained by Roger Mayfield © November 30, 2004 All Rights Reserved.