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Sunday, 19 October 2003


Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Capital Radio, but the minute Justin Trousersnake came on....
..... my cats began fighting, hitting the volume dial and whacking it up to maximum. My cats love Justin - eurrghh.


Strikes me that when I stay in most of the day, I pee a lot. I know full well that a day's work at |genericjob| involves one pee per eight hours. How many pees per day is normal? The |genericjob| volume of pee, or the loafing at home jugfull?
Is it a standard |genericjob| response, this sphincter-tightening retention of fluid?
How come, if I have a mere three hours of homework to do this weekend, I'm still procrastinating every bit as much as when I had a uni assignment to do (which were much worse)?
If there's a deadline to meet, why must I not only fail to meet it, but fail to do anything else remotely purposeful as well?
And how often should you clean your teeth, anyway?

Today I grabbed the Latest Psychotic Idiosyncracy by the horns, and used a third of a pint of bleach to boil-wash the sheets from the double bed*.
I can't fit myself, two cats and twisty schizo nightmares onto a box-room single guest bed any longer, so I have to get over my fear of the big bedroom smells. Not that it smells (the cat puke got cleaned up a month ago, I pretended it remained there for comedic effect), more that I don't want to lie on pillows that have even a trace scent of being together, when we're not.

* = I know. I do know how crazy this sounds. It's exactly seven days since my ex gf left.
Here, here, here, let me show you crazy.

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Updated: Sunday, 19 October 2003 10:05 PM BST
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Monday, 20 October 2003 - 8:20 AM BST

Name: jatb
Home Page:

How many pees per day is normal?

I reckon 7 on a normal day, 22 if you have an interview/audition or are wearing something awkward to get in and out of, and unlimited if you have cystitis and feel obliged to drink gallons of cranberry juice.

Monday, 20 October 2003 - 9:40 AM BST

Name: tess

I seem to pee a lot more since I moved into a bunglaow. The loo is so handy - no stairs to go up to get there, so the slightest feeling of oh maybe I could wee, and I'm off. I watched a program a while ago which said that if women don't train their bladders to go less frequently they store up problems for later life - I'm assuming that means problems of tena lady proportions. I really need to train myself to pee less freely. Maybe I should keep a frequency diary, hmmmmmmm....Is it obvious I'm supposed to be doing coursework right now?

Monday, 20 October 2003 - 2:55 PM BST

Name: PAUL
Home Page:

I pee a lot more depending on what I've eaten and drank. I am a slave to my bladder, however.

The sheets thing does sound crazy, and it's all the more proof that I need to create a device that will clean things better than bleach and stuff. I'm still working on that, though.

I like the smell of an ex on my clothes and bed. But that's just me.

Monday, 20 October 2003 - 8:13 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

I do know what you mean. If I miss someone, I do that. But I don't want to miss her.

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