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Wednesday, 15 October 2003

Things that are different.....

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.... Now that I live alone, I mean.
I go to the loo with the door open. Unless it's a stinker.
I cook too much food for one, and not enough for two. That's if I cook. Don't always remember the eating part.
No hairs in the bath. None!
I haven't been able to go into the main bedroom yet. Except to get some knickers in the morning. It's been 4 days. It's too upsetting, still. Is that weird?
Ice cream lasts for ages.
I can see my friends without two days of heavy rowing for the privilege.
The ugly woolly cursed big pink sweater ... (the one with the curse that means no-one will ever sleep with you again if they see it?) I wear it round the house now. No-one will see.
The washing up gets done. Well, give a day or so.
I can play music in the house. Though now that I finally can, I don't. Which is disturbing.
My cats are too attentive - they sneak under the duvet after dark and nestle painfully in the groin area. I'm covered in severe bored / langorous scratches in places that are too lean to bear that sort of treatment without me waking up screaming.
No more spit rings under the toothbrushes.
If you see something beautiful, you see it. You don't point it out to someone.
I dropped the remote control down the back of the sofa. It's been there a while, but it's no problem only seeing channel 4, as I only watch about an hour a week of teev, anyway. Makes the evenings quiet.
Really quiet.
I shower in the dark now. Okay, I always did that. Dammit, I like doing that.
I don't go to bed on time. In fact, I've stopped wearing a watch. I don't care if it makes me late, there are more important things.
The ripple of alarm from friends in couples has just started. Even they can tell they're rustling agitatedly at the thought.
I make lists of things that are different.

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Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 12:19 AM BST

Name: jatb

I cook too much for one too. Sometimes I cook too much for eight, on the basis that I can freeze the rest (or I could if my freezer wasn't too small to take more than one ice cube tray at a time). And also on the basis that it will be so convenient to have a tureen of tomato gloop on hand at all times (such a time-saver!). Even after five years on my own, I still can't work out why I think I will want that much sauce.

Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 3:54 PM BST

Name: Kev
Home Page:

You shower in the dark? Hehe. I stopped wearing a watch ages ago, and I don't miss it. If I need to find the time out, I can check my mobile phone, and if I don't have that, well, who cares? :)

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