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excavation for garage foundation

Phil's Excavating excavates for:

  • foundations
  • basements
  • swimming pools 
  • test holes
  • footings
  • sinkhole repair

Phil's Excavating trenching services:

garage excavation complete
  • water lines
  • sewer lines
  • underground utilities 
  • well lines
  • septic systems
  • drainage systems

Give us a call or email us for a free evaluation and estimate on your job. 

We are a trenching and excavating company that handles new construction, but our specialty is working on existing properties. Our careful excavation protects your property and the finished job is meticulously graded. 

Notice the pool excavation in the photo on the upper left. The land surrounding the pool was barely touched. The removed dirt was placed in the rear of the yard next to the wooded area, not on the lawn. When needed, we place plywood on the lawn to prevent damage. Many excavating companies do what is necessary to complete the job and get paid. We are an  excavating contractor that does what is necessary to give you a good job with no problems or hassles. We operate at a high standard and will not let you down.

trench for electric line

John's 30 years excavating experience gives him a strong understanding of job complexities and  possible problems. He'll analyze your excavating job carefully, get input from you and listen to your concerns.Then he'll give you the most accurate estimate possible.

Phil's Excavating will prepare for the job so that it is done efficiently and safely. When practical, he'll move his equipment to the site the night before he begins work, so he can start immediately the next day, finishing the job as quickly as possible. He'll personally make sure his high standards are met on the entire job. 

Phil's Excavating is a fully licensed (Massachusetts registration #146190) and insured excavating company and has a perfect safety record. We are  an excavating and trenching company committed to earning your business through superior customer service and consistent high caliber workmanship.

Give us a call or email us  for a no-sales-pitch evaluation and estimate on your excavation job. The price will be fair and reasonable and we will do everything possible to meet or surpass your expectations

Phil's Excavating works within 10 miles of Bellingham MA. 



"I've had a lot of experience with excavators and they can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. I think you are a unique excavator...you really care about what you do to the surface, with very limited damage considering the machine you had in there.  That was awesome... Really nice job. Looks beautiful."
Telephone message left by 
Edward Fleury, Bellingham, MA



"More important even than the exceptional quality of your work has been the kind spirit of mentorship with which you have continually offered us advice throughout various stages of the project.  From the building of the knee walls in the basement to the final grading for the front porch, to the design of the driveway, Kerry and I have relied upon your experience and gracious advice to make important decisions on what we envision as our forever home.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Excerpt from thank you letter 

Sam & Kerry Cowell

Bellingham, MA



"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today."

Elbert Hubbard