Commercial Snow Plowing

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Phil's Excavating specializes in timely and meticulous snow removal, salting and sanding for commercial properties. Because your business requires safe and easy access for customers and employees, we make certain our work measures up. 

Phil's Excavating box snow plow

We have extensive experience plowing parking lots and access roads for a number of businesses including:

  • Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations

We offer a seasonal rate that allows you to budget by the season not by the number of snow storms, although we can charge by the storm, if you prefer. 

You decide how and when we plow. You can call us when you want us or we will automatically plow based on predetermined factors.  

You can rest assured that we'll be prepared to plow or sand when necessary. We carefully monitor weather forecasts and check snow depths many times during the day and night. Our staff will be ready to keep you open despite the snow or ice and we have the equipment to get it done regardless of snow depth. 

We are licensed (MA Home Improvement Contractor #146190) and fully insured.

Contact Phil's Excavating to get a proposal and a commitment to keep your parking lots and roads safe and usable this winter. 

"By the work one knows the workman"

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