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Gahan's at War

Lest We Forget


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Charles Francis GEEHAN - Corporal 558, 8th Battalion. Enlisted 18 August 1914. Returned to Australia 9 December 1918.

Geoffrey Russell GAHAN - Flight Sergeant 400174, Royal Australian Air Force who died on Wednesday, 6 May 1942 age 26. Enlisted 23 June 1940. Geoffrey was the youngest child and only son of Andrew William GAHAN and Jane Margaret DUFF and 1st cousin to Studley Manston GAHAN.


26 June 1940 - Aircraftman

23 July 1940 - Leading Aircraftman

13 January 1941 - Sergeant (T)

1 September 1941 - Flight Sergeant

Geoffrey embarked from Sydney 9 April 1941 and disembarked United Kingdom 1 August 1941.

On 5-6 May 1942 Geoffrey was reported "Missing Air Operations". The Air Ministry declared he was killed in action 5 May 1942. His report states "In crew of Stirling N3710 which was engaged on bombing a target at Stuttgart the aircraft took off from Longstation, Cambs, and nothing more has been heard of it. Remainder of crew were RAF and RNZAF."

Honours and Awards:

1939-45 Star

Aircrew Europe Star

Defence Medal

War Medal 1939-45

Australia Service Medal 193-45

George GAHAN - Private 2179, 52nd Battalion. Enlisted 4 February 1916. Returned to Australia 10 September 1917.

George Alfred GAHAN - Captain, A.R.O.D. Enlisted 16 March 1917. Returned to Australia 7 February 1919. Son of John GAHAN and Anna Hannah MARSHALL of Collingwood, Victoria,

George Edward GAHAN - Gunner 21345, 3rd D.A.C. Enlisted 4 November 1915. Returned to Australia 13 February 1917.

Harold Frank GAHAN - son of Thomas Matthew GAHAN and Sarah TOBIN and husband of Florence Emily DOBSON of Mafly, NSW. Died on 28 February 1942.

 Herbert James GEHAN - 8th Battalion, Australian Infantry, A.I.F. was the son of Albert GEHAN and Catherine Mary (Kate) LLOYD. He died Friday, 18 August 1916 and is buried in Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, Somme, France, grave reference IV. S. 34.

John Thomas GAHAN - Private 315, 2nd M.G. Battalion. Enlisted 8 May 1916. Returned to Australia 4 June 1919.

Joseph GAHAN - Sergeant 75 5th Australian Light Horse, son of Michael Joseph GAHAN and Mary Ann Elizabeth CHAPPELOW of Bundaberg, Queensland died on Monday, 26 March 1917 age 29. Jerusalem Memorial, Israel, panel 58.

Lawrence GAHAN - Private 1568, 13th F.A.B. Enlisted 12 August 1915. Returned to Australia 5 May 1919. Son of Michael Joseph GAHAN and Mary Ann Elizabeth CHAPPELOW of Bundaberg, and brother of Joseph.

Leslie Richard GAHAN - Private 2168, 52nd Battalion. Enlisted 27 April 1915. Returned to Australia 21 December 1917.

Neil John GAHAN - Captain VX39021, 2/29th Battalion. Japanese Prisoner of War, Singapore.  Returned to Australia.

Robert GAHAN - Private 2141, 17th Battalion. Enlisted 6 July 1915. Returned to Australia 8 April 1917.

Studley Alexander GAHAN - S/Sergeant 1200, 9th Battalion. Enlisted 21 October 1914. Returned to Australia 16 June 1919. Son of John GAHAN and Anna Hannah MARSHALL of Collingwood, Victoria.

Studley Manston GAHAN - Captain VX48379 A.I.F. 2/23 Battalion, Australian Infantry. Enlisted at Caulfield, Victoria 26 July 1940, age 26 years and 7 months. Studley was the eldest child of Walter Ernest GAHAN and Alice Miriam ROURKE, husband of Kathleen Elsie MITCHELL and 1st cousin to Geoffrey Russell GAHAN. His civilian profession was bank officer.

Studley was promoted to Captain on 26 September 1940. On 4 November 1940 he embarked on the Strathmore.

On 28 May 1941 Studley was reported "Missing". On 9 June 1941 the report states "Previously reported 'Missing' now reported 'Missing Believed Prisoner'". The report from Jerusalem is then backdated to 3 May 1942 and states that Studley Manston GAHAN was "Killed in Action".

Studley Manston GAHAN's memorial is at the Alamein Memorial, Egypt, Column 91.

William Arthur GAHAN - Spr. 5352, Aus. Cps. Sig. Co. Enlisted 23 March 1916. Returned to Australia 18 July 1919.

William John GAHAN - Private 16071, 1 Sig. Sqd. A.M.D. Enlisted 12 September 1916. Returned to Australia 8 March 1917.



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