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More GAHAN Families

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These families have been pieced together from such sources as BDM indexes, cemetery records, war records, and information and certificates gratefully contributed by descendants and unrelated family historians. If you are researching any of these families and would like your email address or contact details added for other researchers to contact you please email me. Vaeda van Lieshout.

Underlined names within the families are links that will take you to more information on that person.

 Albert GEHAN & Catherine Mary (Kate) LLOYD of Stawell, Vic

 Benjamin GAHAN of Ballarat, Vic

 Benjamin GAHAN & Amelia LACK of Geelong, Vic

 Charles GAHAN & Janet ANDERSON of Grenfell, NSW

 Elizabeth (GAHAN) STOREY of Shoalhaven, NSW New

 Francis GAHAN & Isabella KELLY of Melbourne, Vic

 George Cornish GAHAN & Mary Jane WAIT of Melbourne, Vic

 Hanora GAHAN & Family of Sydney, NSW

 Henry GAHAN & Mariea Jane HAINS of Collingwood, Victoria & Balmain, NSW

 Hugh GEEHAN & Alice KENNELLY of Windsor, NSW

 James GAHAN & Catherine Maria MEANEY of Melbourne, Victoria

 James GAHAN & Mary Elizabeth SHERMAN of St Kilda, Victoria

 James Newton GAHAN & Elizabeth EAVES of Collingwood, Victoria

 John GAHAN & Mary KING of Halbury area, SA

 Michael GAHAN & Elizabeth PARKER of Wollongong, NSW

 Michael Joseph GAHAN & Mary Ann Elizabeth CHAPPELOW of Bundaberg, QLD

 Patrick GAHAN & Margaret CLEARY of Brighton, Victoria

 Patrick GAHAN & Mary HARRINGTON of Braidwood, NSW

 William GAHAN & Catherine DOHERTY of Pambula, NSW


Hanora Gahan & Family

Hanora and her children departed Plymouth, England, 22 April 1855 aboard the Mangerton and arrived in Sydney 29 July 1855. The shipping records state St Mary's, Dublin, Ireland as their native place. Hanora, 41 years old, was the widow of George GAHAN and the daughter of Peter and Margaret CLARK - mother deceased. Hanora had a brother in the colony, John CLARK, living in Park Street, Sydney. Hanora GAHAN's death is registered in Sydney in 1871

The children's ages when they arrived in Sydney:

  1. Margaret GAHAN - 17 (b. c1838) Dublin, Ireland - d? 1883 Sydney, NSW m? Thomas ANDERSON in 1857

  3. Michael GAHAN - 14 (b. c1841) Dublin, Ireland

  5. George GAHAN - 12 (b. c1843) Dublin, Ireland

  7. Catherine GAHAN - 11 (b. c1844) Dublin, Ireland - d. 1872 Sydney, NSW m. Richard THOMAS in 1862
    1. Ann T. THOMAS b. 1863 Sydney, NSW
    2. Catherine M. THOMAS b. 1866 Sydney, NSW
    3. George THOMAS b. 1868 Sydney, NSW
    4. Richard THOMAS b. 1869 Sydney, NSW


Francis Gahan & Isabella Kelly

Francis GAHAN and Isabella KELLY married in Melbourne in 1858. Francis died 8 March 1910 in Carlton age 87. His parents were James GAHAN and Ann DAVEY. Isabella died 8 March 1920 also in Carlton age 90. Her parents were James KELLY and Ann WALSH. Children of Francis and Isabella were:

  1. Ann GAHAN b. 1859 Melbourne, Vic - d. 20 August 1940 Carlton, Vic

  3. Mary GAHAN b. 1861 Carlton, Vic - d. 1935 (age 74) Prahan, Vic m. Arthur Percy MATTHEWS in 1884/85 Carlton, Vic
    1. Marion Isabella MATTHEWS b. 1887 Carlton, Vic
    2. Gerald Jos MATTHEWS b. 1890 North Carlton, Vic
    3. Joseph Francis MATTHEWS b. 1898 St Kilda, Vic


  4. Margaret GAHAN b. 1863 Carlton, Vic - d. 1 Feb 1949 (age 85) Kew, Vic

  6. Matthew GAHAN b. 1865

  8. Catherine GAHAN b. 1868 Melbourne, Vic - d. 26 April 1950 (age 83) Preston, Vic

  10. Francis Edward GAHAN b. 1872 Melbourne, Vic m? Mary TOBIN 1897 Sydney, NSW
    1. Aubrey F GAHAN b. 1897 Sydney, NSW - d. 1905 Manly, NSW


  11. Thomas Matthew GAHAN b. 1875 Melbourne, Vic m? Sarah A TOBIN 1904 Petersham, NSW
    1. Norman T GAHAN b. 1904 Ashfield, NSW m. Ester L GOOD 1933 Mosman, NSW
    2. Harold Frank GAHAN b. 1907 Manly, NSW - d. 28 February 1942 (WWII) m. Florence Emily DOBSON 1938 Manly, NSW


  12. James Joseph GAHAN b. abt. 1865 - d. 19 July 1943 Carlton (age 78)





George Cornish Gahan & Mary Jane Wait

George and Mary married in 1872. Mary, born about 1845, was the daughter of John WAIT and Mary KEMEYS.

  1. Amelia Honor GAHAN b. 1873 The Loddomn, Vic - d. 1948 Kew, Vic (as Amelia COOKE, age 75) m. Albert COADE in 1913
  2. Mary Kemeys GAHAN b. 1874 Chewton, Vic - d. 195- Vic m. William Herbert McLEAN

Mary Jane GAHAN is buried in Burwood cemetery, Victoria with her daughter, Mary McLEAN.


Patrick Gahan & Margaret Cleary

Patrick GAHAN was born in Dublin, Ireland about 1818. Margaret CLEARY was born about 1811 also in Dublin. Patrick and Margaret GAHAN arrived in Melbourne aboard Miltiades in 1854.

  1. John GAHAN b. abt. 1854 Melbourne, Vic - d. 14 January 1891 East Brighton, Vic (age 37)
  2. James William GAHAN b. abt 1858 - d. 9 September 1909 Heidelberg, Vic (age 48)
  3. Edward GAHAN b. abt. 1864 - d 2 August 1916 Prahan, Vic (age 52) m. Mary SMITH in 1886. Mary was the daughter of Peter SMITH and Ann HARA. She was born about 1860 and died in 1869 in Prahan Asylum Hospital, Vic.
    1. Alice GAHAN b. 1887 Brighton, Vic
    2. Margaret Louise GAHAN b. 1891 Brighton, Vic - d. 1969 Oakleigh, Vic (age 78)
    3. Winifred GAHAN b. 1893 Brighton, Vic - d. 5 January 1934 Carlton, Vic (age 40)
      1. Edna May GAHAN b. 1915 Carton, Vic
      2. Rita GAHAN b. 1918 Carlton, Vic


    4. Florence GAHAN b. 1896 Brighton, Vic - d. 1979 Hughesdale, Vic (age 83) m. Eric Royson PRIEST 1917


Edward, John, Patrick, Margaret and Winifred GAHAN are all buried in Brighton General Cemetery, Roman Catholic section graves 139-140.

Sacred Memory of

Patrick Gahan

Who departed this life 14 Jan 1882

Age 64

May his soul R.I.P.


James Gahan & Catherine Maria Meaney

James GAHAN was born about 1867 in Ireland. Catherine MEANEY, daughter of Patrick MEANEY and Catherine Maria CUMMINGS, was born about 1872. James and Catherine married in 1897. James GAHAN died 26 June 1933 at the Hospital for the Insane at Mont Park. Cause of death stated as senility and broncho pneumonia.

  1. Anne GAHAN b. 1898 Caulfield, Vic
  2. William Patrick GAHAN b. 1900 Caulfield, Vic - d. 31 December 1901 Caulfield, Vic
  3. Catherine Maria GAHAN b. 1902 Caulfield, Vic- d. 1983 Rose. Vic (age 81) m. ?RANDALL
  4. John Thomas GAHAN b. 1904 Vic - d. 1974 Vic




Benjamin Gahan & Amelia Lack

Benjamin and Amelia married in 1857 in Geelong, Victoria. I have not been able to find out much more about Benjamin except for two possible deaths. 1. In 1903 in Hawthorn, age 93, parents unknown, and 2. In 1907 in Geelong age 72 F: Benjamin GAHAN M: Sarah Unknown. Amelia LACK was born about 1829 in Devonshire, England, the daughter of John LACK. Amelia was buried on 19 January 1883, age 54. According to Geelong Cemetery Records she arrived "Clifton" - possibly the name of the ship - and she lived at Fyans Street, Geelong.

Click here to go to Cemetery Photos.


  1. Susannah GAHAN b. 1858 Mt Duneed, Vic
  2. Richard Benjamin GAHAN b. 1867 Mt Duneed, Vic - m? Edith Emma RANDALL (no marriage found but the following birth and death registrations.)
    1. Edith May GAHAN d. 17 December 1888 Geelong West, Vic (age 7 months) buried in Geelong Cemetery 18 December 1888 grave no longer exists (lived at Autumn Street, Geelong)
    2. Mabel Victoria GAHAN b. 1889 Geelong, Vic
    3. Edith May GAHAN b. 1890 Benalla?, Vic - d. 1932 Randwick, NSW ?mother of Albert J. GAHAN b. 1915 Sydney
    4. Richard Leslie GAHAN b. 1892 Geelong, Vic
    5. Ivy Hosking GAHAN b. 1897 Geelong, Vic - d. 22 January 1897 (age 2 years) buried in Geelong Cemetery (with Edith May) 24 January 1897 grave no longer exists (lived at Corio Street, Geelong)


  1. Lucy Emily GAHAN b. 1869 Geelong, Vic


Benjamin Gahan


Benjamin GAHAN and Eliza or Elizabeth COLLINGWOOD are listed as the parents of Benjamin GAHAN b. 1852 in Liverpool, England - d. 1903 in Ballarat age 43, and Thomasina Phoebe GAHAN b. 1854 in Geelong, Victoria. I have found no further reference to Benjamin, Eliza or Thomasina in Australia but there is a death registered in Talbot, Victoria of Phoebe GAHAN in 1899, 40 years old and parents listed as Benjamin GAHAN and Eliza DESANLONDE.

Benjamin GAHAN (b. 1852) 1st m. Hannah Elizabeth TODD (1852-?) 2 January 1880 in Ballarat, Victoria.

  1. Edwin Henry Benjamin GAHAN b. 1883 Creswick, Vic (Benjamin Edward on all further records) - d. 1926 East Melbourne, Vic m. Emma WALKER 1903. There's a baptism for Benjamin GAHAN in St Paul's Church, Ballarat 6 April 1894, date of birth 12 February 1884 and parents listed as Benjamin (a miner) and Eliza.
    1. Joseph Benjamin GAHAN b. 1903 Ballarat East, Vic
    2. James Edward GAHAN b. 1905 Waubra, Vic
    3. Charles Albert GAHAN b. 1907 Tarnagulla, Vic
    4. George Thomas GAHAN b. 1912 Inglewood, Vic
    5. Garnet Henry GAHAN b. 1918 Inglewood, Vic

Benjamin GAHAN 2nd m. Mary DAMEZ (1862-1898) 1888 in Ballarat, Vic

  1. Annie GAHAN b. 1888 Ballarat, Vic (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN & Mary DAVIES) d. 1952 Coburg, Vic as Ann Alena Eliz. THATCHER age: 64 (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN and Mary DAMAS) *No marriage found for GAHAN & THATCHER
  2. William John GAHAN b. 1891 Ballarat, Vic (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN and Kate DAMES) - d? 1959 Brighton, Vic age 63 (Parents: Unknown) m? Eileen M. MACDONALD in St Leonards, NSW 1920. (Eileen Marguerite GAHAN d. 1939 in Windsor, Vic age 41 Parents: William Henry McDONALD and Helen DALY)
  3. ?Catherine May GAHAN b. 1 May 1893 baptised 23 January 1895 St Paul's Church, Ballarat, Vic (Parents: Benjamin (miner) & Mary Catherine)
  4. Eliza GAHAN b. 1895 Ballarat East, Vic (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN & Mary DAMESS) - d. 1902 Ballarat Hospital age 7 (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN and Mary DANESS)

Benjamin GAHAN 3rd m. Violet Lavender HOLMES 1899 Ballarat, Vic

  1. Pearly Zoe GAHAN b. 1900 Avoca, Vic (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN & Violet Lavender HOLMES)
  2. Veronica Eliza GAHAN b. 1902 Ballarat, Vic (Parents: Benjamin GAHAN & Violet HOLMES) - d. 1918 Inglewood, Vic as Verna Veronica CONNELLY age 17 (Parents: Benjamin Gahan Connelly & Violet Lavender HOLMES)


 Researching this family? Contact: Philip Gahan via his web site

Charles Thomas Gahan & Janet Anderson

Charles Thomas Gahan was born at Kingston Crescent, Hampshire and christened 27 June 1834 at St Mary's, in Portsea, Hampshire, England. His parents were Thomas GAHAN, a customs officer, Elizabeth Richardson PURVER, who was the daughter of Sir John PURVER.

Charles married Janet (Jeanette) ANDERSON on 3 October 1864 at Brundah via Young, NSW. Janet, who was christened 24 March 1837 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, was the daughter of William ANDERSON and Elizabeth MATHEWSON.

At the time of their marriage, Charles' occupation was carpenter. Their children were:

  1. Elizabeth Richardson GAHAN b. 16 April 1865 Brundah via Young, NSW - d. 10 Oct 1935 St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, NSW m. John RAYMOND 27 February 1880 Holy Trinity Church, Grenfell, NSW
    1. John Charles RAYMOND b. 1880 Grenfell, NSW
    2. Charlotte RAYMOND b. 1882 Grenfell, NSW
    3. Charles T RAYMOND b. 1883 Young, NSW
    4. Janet M RAYMOND b. 1885 Young, NSW
    5. Edward RAYMOND b. 1886 Young, NSW
    6. William RAYMOND b. 1888 Braidwood, NSW - d. 1893 Cootamundra, NSW
    7. Lillie RAYMOND b. 1890 Young, NSW
    8. Elsie M RAYMOND b. 1892 Cootamundra, NSW
    9. Walter S RAYMOND b. 1896 Cootamundra, NSW
    10. William G RAYMOND b. 1898 Cootamundra, NSW
    11. Arthur RAYMOND b. 1900 Cootamundra, NSW
    12. William C RAYMOND b. 1906 Cootamundra, NSW


  2. Isabella GAHAN b. January 1867 - d. 15 November 1868 Surprise Reef near Grenfell, NSW. Buried at Brundah, NSW

  4. Janet Mary GAHAN b. 30 January 1869 Surprise Reef near Grenfell, NSW - d. 19 February 1931 Grenfell. Buried Grenfell Cemetery next to her parents and with her husband who died 28 February 1932 m. William E FILBY at Grenfell 1894
    1. Vera Blanche FILBY b. 1895 Grenfell, NSW
    2. Gladys FILBY b. 1897 Grenfell, NSW
    3. Marie (Molly) FILBY b. 1901 Grenfell, NSW
    4. Thomas Norman Boswell FILBY b. 1903 Grenfell, NSW


  5. Isabella GAHAN b. 1871 Grenfell, NSW m. George? BURNEY/BERNIE
    1. Beatrice


  6. Charles GAHAN b. 1873 Grenfell, NSW

  8. William George GAHAN b. 1873 Grenfell, NSW - d. 1 April 1937 Luker Street, Elderslie, Camden, NSW m. Mary Ellen (Annie?) WHITE 1912 Cowra, NSW
    1. Allan GAHAN
    2. Eric GAHAN

 Information supplied by Pat RAYMOND, NSW

William Gahan & Catherine Doherty

Catherine DOHERTY sailed from Liverpool in England aboard Red Jacket on 23 December 1854 and arrived in Melbourne in March of 1855. She was 25 years old. Catherine married William GAHAN in St Francis' Cathedral, Melbourne on 17 March 1855 stating she was the daughter of James DOHERTY, a carpenter, and Mary VANDELEUR of County Clare, Ireland. Catherine's profession was servant. William GAHAN stated he was born in County Kerry, Ireland 39 year previous, he was a labourer and the son of James GAHAN, a farmer, and Bridget KAIN. I am not at all sure of William's correct place of birth as it changes throughout his life. The registration details for their first born, information given by John WALKER, the Chief Constable of Eden, states William's birthplace as England. On the birth of the second and third children, William himself is the informant and states he was born in America. William's death certificate also states he was born in America, the informant this time is his brother-in-law, Thomas CLANCY, who is also the undertaker. What is constant is William's age indicating he was born about 1815.

  1. James GAHAN b. 6 July 1856 Pambula, NSW - d. 1917 Bega, NSW m. Annie M PEARSON 1894 in Eden, NSW
    1. William J GAHAN b. 1894 Eden, NSW
    2. Aileen GAHAN b. 1897 Eden, NSW
    3. Kathleen GAHAN b. 1898 Eden, NSW - d. 1914 Bega, NSW
    4. Annie GAHAN b. 1901 Eden, NSW
    5. Mary C GAHAN b. 1903 Eden, NSW
    6. Vincent P GAHAN b. 1911 Eden, NSW


  2. Mary Jane GAHAN b. 26 January 1858 Pambula, NSW m. William James TWEEDIE 1883 in Eden, NSW
    1. Albert W TWEEDIE b. 1884
    2. Mary E TWEEDIE b. 1887
    3. Elsie A TWEEDIE b. 1890
    4. Catherine E TWEEDIE b. 1893
    5. William R TWEEDIE b. 1898


  3. William GAHAN b. 4 December 1859 Pambula, NSW (it is believed that William died in the goldfields of Western Australia)

William GAHAN died 13 March 1861 age 45 after a 15 months paralysis. He was buried four days later in Pambula. His wife Catherine remarried in 1864 to James LOVELL

  1. Catherine LOVELL b. 1865 Eden, NSW
  2. Elizabeth LOVELL b. 1867 Eden, NSW
  3. Anastasia LOVELL b. 1870 Eden, NSW (registered as Annestina)

Catherine LOVELL (formerly GAHAN nee DOHERTY) died 24 February 1877 in Pambula, NSW. The informant at her death was her brother, Patrick.

Patrick DOHERTY was sponsored to Australia by William GAHAN and arrived in Sydney aboard Queen of England on 8 July 1859.


Information supplied by Mrs Toni BARRY, NSW


Michael Joseph Gahan & Mary Ann Elizabeth Chappelow

Michael Joseph GAHAN married Mary Ann Elizabeth CHAPPELOW 1886 in Queensland. Mary was the daughter of Ralph CHAPPELOW and Ellen CURTIS (daughter of Thomas CURTIS and Mary Ann PRAGNELL).

  1. Joseph GAHAN b. 12 April 1887 Qld - 26 March 1917 (WWI - 5th Australian Light Horse) Jerusalem Memorial, Israel, Panel 58

  3. George GAHAN b. 3 July 1889 Qld m? Maggie CUNNINGHAM 11 August 1920

  5. Mary GAHAN b. 13 July 1891 Qld m? Charles Robert JEALOUS 24 July 1912

  7. Ralph GAHAN b. 16 July 1893 Qld m. Maria Alice DARLINGTON 14 January 1926

  9. Lawrence GAHAN b. 8 August 1896 Qld m? Olive Maud TANNER 28 May 1927

  11. Paul GAHAN b. 7 June 1899 Qld

  13. Francis GAHAN b. 22 October 1902 Qld

  15. James GAHAN b. 4 July 1904 Qld

  17. Ellen GAHAN b. 13 August 1907 Qld m? Oswald Keith FAULKNER 4 June 1930

 Researching this family? Email: Colleen Gahan


Henry Gahan & Mariea Jane Hains

Henry GAHAN, a native of London, England, married Mariea in 1866. Mariea HAINS, also born in London, was the daughter of William HAINES and Harriett GREENWOOD. They lived in the Collingwood area until 1878/79 when they moved to Balmain in Sydney. Mariea Jane GAHAN died in Arthur Street, Balmain on 14 May 1882, age 34 and is buried in Balmain cemetery with her youngest daughter. I believe Henry and his son, Henry, returned to Victoria. Children of Henry and Mariea were:

  1. Henry GAHAN b. 1867 Collingwood, Vic - d? 1834 Middle Park, Vic age 66 m? Harriet Jane MOBERLEY 1907
    1. Ralph Edwin GAHAN b. 1908 Richmond, Vic - d. 1933 Prahan, Vic
    2. Keith Menzies GAHAN b. 1910 Richmond, Vic
    3. Clive Newton GAHAN b. 1913 Richmond, Vic - d. 1956 Heidelberg, Vic
    4. Grace Marie GAHAN b. 1916 Richmond, Vic - d. 1985 Boxhill, Vic m. PEARCE


  1. Harriett GAHAN b. 1870 Collingwood, NSW - d. 1873 Collingwood, Vic

  3. Albert GAHAN b. 1872 Collingwood, Vic - ? d. 1934 Canterbury, NSW ? m. Mary BEESELEY 1911 Paddington, NSW
    1. Mariea J GAHAN b. 1912 Paddington, NSW
    2. Bernice Noelle b. 1914 Paddington, NSW
    3. Evelyn Ruby b. 1917 Paddington, NSW m? Edward John ROUSE 1939 Waverley, NSW


  1. William George GAHAN b. 1874 Collingwood, Vic m? Queenie HOLLINGSHEAD 1912 Waterloo, NSW
    1. Alma M M GAHAN b. 1904 Sydney, NSW
    2. Beryl Irene Olive GAHAN b. 1912 Waterloo, NSW
    3. Daphne Adele Hollingshed GAHAN b. 1914 Randwick, NSW
    4. Neville Albert GAHAN b. 1917 Randwick, NSW


  1. Elizabeth GAHAN b. 1877 Collingwood, Vic - d. 1877 Collingwood, Vic

  3. Eveline GAHAN b. 1879 Balmain, NSW m? Percy Carl RONNFELDT 1904 Sydney, NSW
    1. Norman A RONNFELDT b. 1904
    2. Edwin RONNFELDT b. Unknown - d. 1910


  1. Maria L GAHAN b. 1881 Balmain, NSW - d. 1882 Balmain, NSW


 Researching this family? Email: Vaeda van Lieshout

Albert Gehan & Catherine Mary (Kate) Lloyd

Albert GEHAN married Kate LLOYD in 11 July 1885. Kate was born about 1864 in Limerick, Ireland, the daughter of Michael LLOYD and Ellen BINETTE. Albert was born about 1861 in Stawell, the son of Francois (Francis) GEHAN and Lucy Ann OGIER. Albert GEHAN died in Ballarat on 27 November 1921, age 60, and was interred in the Stawell Cemetery on the 29th. Catherine Mary GEHAN died in Stawell Hospital in 1904. Kate was 44 years old. Albert and Kate's children were:

  1. Albert Francis GEHAN b. 1887 Stawell, Vic - d. 27 February 1940 Ballarat, Vic (age 52) m. Ethel Mary DAVIDSON in 1911
    1. Catherine Mary GEHAN b. 1912 Stawell, Vic m. Leslie SMART 25 March 1933 Stawell, Vic
    2. Charles Francis GEHAN b. 1916 Stawell, Vic - d. 1963 Halls Gap?, Vic (age 46) m. Lorraine Sylvia SKURRIE
  2. Elizabeth Ann GEHAN b. 1889 Stawell, Vic
  3. Peter GEHAN b. 1891 Stawell, Vic - d. 20 April 1916 Stawell, Vic (age 24)
  4. Francis John GEHAN b. 1893 Stawell, Vic - d. 1908, Brunswick, Vic (age 14)
  5. Charles Henry GEHAN b. 1895 Stawell, Vic
  6. Herbert James GEHAN b. 1896 Stawell, Vic - d. 18 August 1916 France (WWI)
  7. Walter Clarence GEHAN b. 1899 Stawell, Vic
  8. Catherine Mary GEHAN b. 1900 Stawell, Vic
  9. Michael Francis GEHAN b. 1904 Stawell, Vic


 Researching this family? Email: Jenny Evens




Patrick Gahan & Mary Harrington

Patrick GAHAN was only 15 years old when he arrived in New South Wales 17 August 1840, one of 180 convicts aboard the King William. He was sentenced in Dublin 6 March 1840 to 7 years for burglary. Patrick was five feet one and a half inches tall with grey eyes and dark brown hair.

Patrick married Mary HARRINGTON (nee KELLY) ON 17 August 1853 at the Roman Catholic Church in Braidwood, NSW. Patrick and Mary had seven children but I could find only two in the BDM indexes. The details of the other five came courtesy of a researcher in Braidwood and the St Bede's Church baptisms register.

  1. Bridget GAHAN b. 1854 Braidwood, NSW

  3. James GAHAN chr. 1857 St Bede's Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW

  5. Margaret GAHAN chr. 1859 St Bede's Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW

  7. Bernard GAHAN chr. 1861 St Bede's Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW

  9. Mary GAHAN chr. 1863 St Bede's Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW

  11. Ann GAHAN b. 1866 Braidwood, NSW

  13. Emma GAHAN chr. 1868 St Bede's Catholic Church, Braidwood, NSW


James Gahan & Mary Elizabeth Sherman

James GAHAN was born in 1883 in Brighton, Victoria to James GAHAN and Mary Ann GREEN. James married Mary Elizabeth SHERMAN in 1909. Mary was born about 1888 and died 23 May 1989 (age 101). She is buried in Melbourne General Cemetery with her husband, James, and their daughter Elva.

James GAHAN died 18 July 1956 at the corner of Raleigh Street and St Kilda Road, Windsor. At the time of his death he was residing at 42 Marriott Street, St Kilda. The coroner's report states James was riding a bicycle when he was hit by a car travelling in a southerly direction on St Kilda Road. James' son, Frederick James GAHAN, a grocer, was residing at 262 Alma Road, Caulfield at the time of the accident.

  1. Frederick James GAHAN b. 1911 St Kilda, Vic - d. 1974 (age 62) Caulfield, Vic
  2. Phyllis Kleen GAHAN b. 1913 St Kilda, Vic
  3. Elva May GAHAN b. 1917 St Kilda, Vic - d. 5 January 1990 (age 72) St Kilda, Vic

John Gehan & Mary King

 John GEHAN, also recorded as Johan, married Mary KING in South Australia.

  1. John Morris GEHAN b. 21 February 1874 Lyndoch Valley, SA
  2. Annie GEHAN b. 30 April 1876 Hoyles Plains, SA
  3. Thomas GEHAN b. 5 August 1878 Hd. of Stow, SA
  4. William Henry GEHAN b. 21 April 1881 Lyndoch, SA
  5. Elizabeth GEHAN b. 14 October 1883 Auburn Rd. Crossing, SA
  6. Ernest Louis GEHAN b. 16 February 1886 Halbury, SA
  7. George Edward GEHAN b. 4 May 1887 Halbury, SA
  8. Olive Emma GEHAN b. 2 November 1889 Halbury, SA
  9. Bertie Elliott Walter GEHAN b. 20 February 1893 Halbury, SA



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