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Elizabeth GAHAN

Born about 1793, tried at Dublin City February 1818, arrived aboard Elizabeth I (2) 19 November 1818

2 August 1819: Permission to marry at Sydney

14 September 1819: Permission to proceed to Hobart Town




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Born about 1794, native place County Carlow, labourer, Roman Catholic, single, 5 feet 4 and a quarter inches tall, dark ruddy complexion, black hair, hazel eyes, tried County Carlow lent 1819, arrived aboard Minerva I (2) 18 December 1819

General Muster, NSW, 1822, listed as Hugh GEHAN, arrived Minerva, 7 years, Govt. Servant, E. DELANY, Windsor

Married Alice KENNELLY

Jeremiah GAHAN

Born either 1802 or 1810, native place County Kerry, farm labourer, Roman Catholic, single, 5 feet 6 and a quarter inches tall, dark sallow complexion, dark hazel eyes, tried at Waterford 12 March 1835, sentence 7 years for stealing linen, prior convictions 1 month, age 25?, arrived aboard Hive (2) 24 December 1835 Remarks: Lost 2 upper front teeth, scar left side of upper lip, nose broad, cross scar over left eyebrow, scar back of top of middle finger of left hand.

1837 General Return of Convicts, NSW, listed at Jeremiah GAHEN, age 35?, arrived 1835 Hive, master F. M. MUNDY at St Vincent.

Died 20 December 1860, Tumut Area, NSW. Buried Tumut Pioneer Cemetery.


Born about 1797, labourer, 5 feet 6 inches tall, dark sallow complexion, black hair, hazel eyes, convicted County Kildare lent 1820, sentence 7 years, arrived aboard Almorah (2) 22 December 1820

General Muster, NSW, 1822, arrived Almorah, 7 years, Govt. Servant, J. MEEHAN, Liverpool

? d.1883 Shoalhaven age 85


Born about 1806, native place County Carlow, laundress/dairy maid/house maid, Roman Catholic, no education, 5 feet 2 inches tall, ruddy and freckled complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, convicted for stealing a blanket County Carlow 2 January 1836, sentence 7 years, no previous convictions, arrived aboard Pyramus (2) 14 December 1836

1837 General Returns of Convicts, NSW, age 30, master Captain Henderson in Sydney

Michael GAHAN


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Born about 1814, native of County Meath, groom and house servant, read and write, Roman Catholic, single, 5 feet 5 and a quarter inches tall, sallow complexion, brown hair, dark grey eyes, convicted at Monaghan for pig stealing, sentence 7 years, no former convictions, arrived aboard St Vincent 5 January 1837

Married Elizabeth PARKER

Patrick GAHAN

Born about 1808, native of Dublin, chimney sweep, no education, Roman Catholic, single, 5 feet 5 and 3 quarter inches tall, florid freckled complexion, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tried Dublin 21 June 1824 for highway robbery, sentence life, arrived aboard Countess of Harcourt (4) 28 June 1827. Remarks: scar on left cheek

Patrick GAHAN

Born about 1825, native of Dublin, errand boy, no education, Roman Catholic, single, 5 feet 1 and a half inches tall, dark pale complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, tried Dublin City 6 March 1840 for burglary, sentence 7 years, former conviction 3 months, arrived aboard King William 17 August 1840. Remarks: Three scars on front of head, 3 on each side, scar under left eye, 2 moles left side of neck, another on right breast bone, fish, B.G.P.G. inside lower arm, RP and anchor inside lower left arm, 4 dots back of left hand.

Married Mary HARRINGTON (nee KELLY)

William GAHAN

Born about 1805, native of Tipperary, ploughman, no education, 5 feet 8 and 3 quarter inches tall, freckled complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, tried Tipperary for 6 armed burglaries, sentence life, arrived aboard Eliza II (2) 20 June 1829. Assigned to John Liscombe at Bathurst, NSW.

Hanged for murder 3 November 1830 age 24, along with Ralph ENTWISTLE and 8 other members of Entwistle's gang.

For more information on William GAHAN or Entwistle's Gang go to: Whiskers Hill Online



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