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Tatiana, born May 29, 1897, was the second daughter born to Nicholas and Alexandra. She was her mother's favorite, was tall and stately like her mother and the classical beauty of the family with auburn hair and gray eyes.

She was also the leader of the children who gave her the nickname "Governess". Tatiana was the one who took charge of everything which did not bother Olga, who was the oldest.

Tatiana and her older sister Olga, were known in the household as "The Big Pair". Like their younger sisters, they shared a bedroom and were very close to each other.

Along with her sister Olga, she was assigned a regiment of soldiers, the Vosnesensky Hussars and given the rank of honorary colonel. She and her sister would go out and inspect the soldiers regularly.

Tatiana became a nurse during World War I and helped her sister Olga and her mother Alexandra treat the wounded. After she caught the measles, she lost a lot of weight and her personality changed after she and her family were held under guard. At her death, she was 21 years old.

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