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Alexei, the youngest child of Nicholas and Alexandra was born on August 12, 1904. He had blond hair and blue eyes and was their only son and heir to the Romanov throne. His parents doted on him and gave him everything he wanted.

He seemed to be a healthy baby until at six weeks of age, when he started to bleed at the navel. His parents soon realized that he had hemophilia, a disease that causes the blood to fail to clot. As a child, Alexei had to be careful when he played because an injury could cause internal bleeding that would fill up in his joints, causing incredible pain.

As a child, Alexei had two male nurses with him to protect him and keep him from hurting himself. During most of his childhood, his main caregiver was Derevenko, a sailor in the Russian navy, who carried him when he was sick, but later abandoned him after the October revolution. Another sailor, Nagorny took over taking care of Alexei during his captivity.

Even though he had people who looked after and protected him, he still got hurt. When he was 8 years old, Alexei almost died from a hemophilic attack. He was at Spala with his family for a vacation when he suffered an injury to his upper leg. He seemed to be recovering but the bleeding became worse and collected in his joints which caused him immense pain. Towards the end, his parents received a telegram from Rasputin, a monk that they believed was able to heal Alexei stating that he would live. By the next day, Alexei was starting to recover.

After the revolution, Alexei and his family were kept prisoner in their home and later sent by train to Siberia. When his parents and sister, Maria had to go to Ekaterineburg, he had to be left behind because he had been sick with a hemophilic attack. On the night that the family were executed, Alexei was still alive when the soldiers stopped firing. It is believed that the leader of the soldiers shot Alexei twice at close range. He was 13 years old when he died.

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