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Maria, born on June 14, 1899, was the third daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra. She was Nicholas' favorite daughter and was the angel of the family. She was a pretty girl with light brown hair and large blue eyes that were known in the family as "Marie's saucers". She was very loving and warm and had said that she wanted to marry a Russian soldier and have 20 children.

Her other sisters referred to her as their "stepsister" because she was so good and never got into trouble. Nicholas stated of Maria, "I was always afraid of the wings growing". Maria and her younger sister, Anastasia were known in the household as the "Little Pair", being the younger sisters. As well as their older sisters, they shared a bedroom and Maria tended to be dominated by Anastasia because of her energy and enthusiasm.

Maria was a plump girl in her childhood but had become very thin after her attack of the measles. She showed her bravery when she accompanied her parents to Ekaterineburg in April 30, 1918 after the family were kept under guard in Siberia. She was 19 years old at the time of her death.

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