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Iniquity Films Store

Iniquity Films Store

Despite the fact that this will most probably never ever make me a penny of profit, here is the Iniquity Films Store. It will be updated maybe monthly, so check in every now and again for new items.

Must-see DVDs:

The Beyond - Falling Down - M - Criterion Collection

The Beyond: So you've seen Lucio Fulci films but you're sick of nonsensical plots full of implausible events. Then watch this, where things are supposed to be that way.

Falling Down: If you must watch a Michael Douglas movie, watch this one. Second to only the immortal Taxi Driver in its depiction of a man losing his shit in an attempt to gain it back.

M: Fritz Lang's expressionist masterpiece about a child murderer portrayed brilliantly by Peter Lorre. Features the best flip-out scene ever, delivered by Lorre who leaves no scenery unchewed.

Reading List:

James Whale: A New World of Gods and Monsters - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man - Slaughterhouse Five

James Whale ...: Biography of the man behind the horror classics Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Invisible Man. Most biographies read too much like a textbook, but this one is a quick, entertaining read and a good insight into the film business of the era.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Possibly Irish literature's greatest work, James Joyce's semi-autobiographical piece of stream of conciousness writing is challenging but worthwhile. I know it's got nothing to do with film but I'm an English major.

Slaughterhouse Five: Kurt Vonnegut's literary sci-fi masterpiece that was made into a halfway decent film. Similar to Portrait in that it tells of a man's life in an unorthodox way.

Give these a spin:

A.F.I.: The Art of Drowning - The Who: Who's Next - Wesley Willis: Greatest Hits Vol. 2

A.F.I.: Blurring melodic punk rock and speedy old-school hardcore, A.F.I. create intense, urgent music that you can feel as well as hear. "The Art of Drowning" is the ultimate synthesis of their styles.

The Who: The greatest rock album of all time from the greatest rock band of all time.

Wesley Willis: Wesley is a 300 pound plus chronic schizophrenic from Chicago. He writes his repetetive songs on Casio keyboards and bellows away, usually out of key, about topics like everyday things and famous people. Lest you think I'm being patronizing, let me say that Wesley is far and away the most refreshing thing I've heard in music in years. This is music made to clear the soul, with no pretension, and is pure punk rock. Gets me out of a funk any time.