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Das Links

Links of Iniquity

Here you'll find B Masters, Rogue Reviewers, aquatic fowl, fiends who hunger for brains, drunks, and two yummy seafood dishes. Some of these people I refer to proudly as colleagues. The rest are pretty cool as well. All of these sites rock uncontrollably, and it is your civic duty to visit them. Tell them that Iniquity Films sent you, and wait for the inevitable response: "Who?"

Would you like your site to appear on this list? Then shoot me an email because otherwise, how the hell am I supposed to know?!?!

1000 Misspent Hours
3B Theater
And You Call Yourself a Scientist!
And You Thought It Was Safe?
The B Masters Cabal
The B Movie Vault
B Notes
Bad Movie Planet
The Bad Movie Report
Cliffie's Notes
Cold Fusion Video
Crab Chips Homebase
Dante's Inferno and All Night Video Store
The Duck Speaks
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The Great White Dope's Review Cave
Horror Attic
Horror Hottie
The Incredibly Strange, Yet Unbelievably True Untold Story
The Lair of the Distorted Kiwi
Monster Hunter
The Mutant Reviewers From Hell
Oh the Humanity!
Opposable Thumb Films
Plate o' Shrimp
Rabbit Reviews
Radioactive Death
The Speak Easy
Stale Popcorn
Steamed Prawn Buns
Stomp Tokyo
Switchblade Sisters
Teleport City
Tomb of Anubis
The Unknown Movies
The Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray