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Travel LINKS

     The Townhouse Hotel's hopes to always provide a friendly atmosphere which encourages our guests to share their lives with each other. Perhaps the point of being a traveler is to experience many different cultures, to get to know the local inhabitants. Perhaps the point is to make friends all over the world, and to expand global understanding and our consciousness by doing so. Maybe we want to see a wild, chaotic, thriving and beautiful Nature before She disappears. Maybe we just got itchy feet.  These are a few sites that we frequent and you might find entertaining.
We  love to hear about your travel adventures also.
It's  great to read  about other travelers' opinions . You can find out a lot  just by talking to other guests at The
Townhouse Hotel.
I find this site has a lot of information about the Philippines and also lots of link options.
We feel like we've grown-up on Boracay Island and love the place. TinTin's Cottages is our place on the beachfront.

This is one of our favorite websites created by Bob Lingerfelt with many useful links and especially great for anyone married or thinking about marrying a Filipina.
We built this place and named it after our daughter Camilla. The new owners Lawrence and Faridah are great people.

Lonely Planet's site is so extensive that all of you who love to travel or just keep in touch with the "magic" energy of travel will feel good after visiting.

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