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      The Townhouse  was opened  by Bill and Lorna after  they  had  traveled  and  worked  in  Asia, Europe, and  the U.S.A. for  almost ten years. They had stayed in  bamboo, beach  huts, Asian guesthouses, Spanish pensionnes, American and European campgrounds, backpacker dormitories, Korean yogwans and Japanese ryokans on shoestring  budgets. They met each other  "on the road"  while traveling in Hong Kong and Korea in the early 80s and got married in 1985. During a trip to Lhasa, Tibet, when Lorna was 6 months pregnant with Camilla in 1986, they decided that it was time to raise a family. They knew that they would miss the energy, excitement and adventure of world travel so they opened the doors of their  small, 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse for travelers as a hobby.
     The first guests were five Swedish young men Bill met in Hong Kong  who had met on the trans-Siberian railway;  since then travelers from 67 countries have stayed at The Townhouse. After a few years,  guests had written to Lonely Planet,  Jens Peters' Publications and other travel guides recommending The Townhouse as a  safe, clean and friendly  place to stay in Manila at the lowest rates. Now, continuous improvements and expansion projects have produced a warm, family atmosphere where travelers meet, exchange travel stories and enjoy the "magic' energy of world travel in a safe, comfortable setting with 28 bedrooms and a 10 bed dormitory.

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Manila's  best little  hotel  -  your home away from home
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