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Entire contents 1998 by R.D. Baker. Site created: 7-25-98. Our Axis & Allies Gamers Group welcomes players for face-to-face games in the Washington, D.C. area. Email:

List of recent updates and rule changes in this section:

Game Turn Time-Line Analysis

Game Turn 00 [Winter 1941-42]

December: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, invades Philipines. German attack on Moscow fails.
January: Germans begin U-boat offenisive against Allied shipping, Eastern USA sea zone. Japan invades Burma. Rommel counterattacks at El Aghelia.
February: Japan captures Singapore, bombs Australia. Battle of the Java Sea.

Game Turn 01 [Spring 1942]

March: Soviet offensive in the Crimea [Ukraine] fails. Japan invades Dutch East Indies.
April: Surprise U.S. bomber raid on Tokyo. German bomber offensive against England.
May: Battle of the Coral Sea. Japan attacks China. German offensive in the Crimea. Rommel attacks in North Africa.

Game Turn 02 [Summer 1942]

June:Battle of Midway.
July: First Battle of El Alamein. Germans attack towards Stalingrad [Caucasus].
August: US Marines land on Guadacanal [Solomon Islands].

Game Turn 03 [Fall 1942]

September: Battle of Stalingrad begins. British & Indian troops attack Burma.
October: Second Battle of El Alamein.
November: British counterattack in Egypt; Rommel retreats. Operation Torch: US invasion of North Africa. Soviet counteroffensive at Stalingrad begins.

Game Turn 04 [Winter 1942-43]

December: Germans begin retreat from Caucasus.
January: Soviets destroy German 6th Army at Stalingrad.
February: Soviets capture Kursk and Kharkov [Ukraine]. Battle of Kasserine Pass [North Africa].

Game Turn 05 [Spring 1943]

March: Germans re-capture Kharkov.
April: Germans withdraw to Tunisia [North Africa].
May: Germans surrender in North Africa.

Game Turn 06 [Summer 1943]

June: US submarine war against Japanese shipping begins. Allies land on New Georgia [Solomon Islands].
July: Operation Citadel: Germans attack at Kursk. [Last major German offensive in the east]. Allies land in Sicily [Southern Europe].
August: Soviets recapture Kharkov. Allies capture New Guinea.

Game Turn 07 [Fall 1943]

September: Italy suurenders. Allies land at Salerno and Taranto. Germans occupy Rome.
October: Allies enter Naples. Italy declares war on Germany.
November: US Marines land on Bougainville [Solomon Islands]. US troops land on Tarawa [Gilbert Islands, west of Caroline Islands, not represented on game map].

Turn 08 [Winter 1943-44]

December: Soviets attack in Ukraine. German battleship Scharnhorst sunk in Battle of North Cape [UK sea zone].
January: Soviets enter Poland [Eastern Europe]. Allies land at Anzio [Italy, Southern Europe]. After 900 days, Seige of Leningrad ends [Karelia].
February: US troops take Kwajalein [Marshall Islands, west of Caroline Islands, not represented on game map]. US air raid destroys Japanese naval base at Truk Island [Caroline Islands].

Game Turn 09 [Spring 1944]

March: Soviets attack in Eastern Europe. Battle of Imphal [Burma, French Indo-China]
April: Japan launches major attack against China.
May: Soviets recapture Sevastopol [Crimea, Ukraine].

Game Turn 10 [Summer 1944]

June: Allies enter Rome. D-Day landings in France. Soviets begin offensive against Finland. Soviets begin offensive against Germans in Eastern Europe. Battle of the Philipine Sea.
July: US Marines land on Guam. US troops in Normandy break out west of St. Lo.
August: Soviets attack Rumania. Allies liberate Paris.

Game Turn 11 [Fall 1944]

September: Allies liberate nearly all of Western Europe. Finland & USSR agree to ceasefire. Operation Market Garden, major Allied airdrop.
October: Allied air raids on Okinawa. Battle of Leyte Gulf.
November: US navy bombards Iwo Jima.

Game Turn 12 [Winter 1944-45]

December: Battle of the Bulge begins.
January: Battle of the Bulge ends. US troops land in the Philipines. Soviets capture Warsaw.
February: US troops land on Iwo Jima. Dresden destroyed by firestorm resulting from Allied bombing raids.

Game Turn 13 [Spring 1945]

March: Allies establish a bridgehead across the Rhine. Heavy bombing raids begin on Tokyo, other Japanese cities. Soviets capture Danzig.
April: US troops invade Okinawa. Battle of East China Sea. Soviets begin final offensive on Berlin. Mussolini captured and hanged by partisans. Hitler commits suicide in his bunker.
May: Unconditional surrender of all German troops to the Allies. Japanese troops begin pullback in China.

Game Turn 14 [Summer 1945]

June: Allied powers partition Germany. Japanese resistance on Okinawa ends.
July: Liberation of Philipines declared.
August: Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Soviets declare war on Japan and invade Manchuria. Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Japanese accept Allied surrender terms.

Game Turn 15 [Fall 1945]

September: Japanese formally surrender in Tokyo, China, Burma.
October: United Nations comes formally into existence.
November: Nuremberg war crimes trials begin.
NOTE: If the Allies haven't won by now, the Axis players have done much better than their historical counterparts.

Entire contents 1998 by R.D. Baker.

Introduction & Overview.
Section I: Basic Rule Changes.
Section II: Artillery.
Section III: Combat Losses.
Section IV: Advanced Air Power Rules.
Section V: Advanced Naval Rules.
Section VI: Advanced Retreat Rules.
Section VII: Industrial Capacity & Scenarios.
Section VIII: History & Politics.
Section IX: Revised Action Sequence.
Section X: Game Turn Time-line Analysis.