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Snowdrift Farm

List of services

Snowdrift Farm is located in scenic Cape Breton,Nova Scotia Canada.We have a herd of Angora goats and llamas.The Angora goats are raised for their fibre (mohair),while the llamas are used for fibre as well as for packing. We offer llama trekking ,and mohair and llama fibre processing..Visitors can come and see the various animals that we have as well as observe the raw fibre being converted into rovings. We are open to visitors June to September.Donkey cart rides are featured as well as looking at the pygmy goats,llamas ,chickens,and angora goats.

Services offered by Snowdrift farm and Associated Links

Llama Packing
Mohair/llama fibre processing
Picture of Snowdrift Farm
Cape Breton Island