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Llama Packing.

Snow drift farm offers escorted walks with llamas as short as 3 hours or as long as several days..Cape Breton is blessed with some of the most exciting scenery in Canada as well as being the site of the world famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Lamas are South American camalids and are capable of carrying up to 65 lbs.They are intelligent gentle animals and are easily led on a halter..

Participants lead their own personal llama as we walk along the various hiking trails of Cape Breton.For the day hikes a lunch is provided ,which is eaten at the trailside.The llamas carry the food and other gear,freeing participants to concentrate their attention on the scenery.

Overnight trips can be arranged upon request .

Please contact Robert Milne

Snowdrift Farm

RR#2 Christmas Island N.S. BOA 1CO Canada

Tel (902) 871-2017

Fax (902) 971-2140