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Fibre Processing

We offer a variety of fibre products and services.

1.Mohair Yarn.

This is a two ply yarn composed of 80% mohair and 20% wool..A 100gm skein is approximately 150 metres in length..The yarn has a nice sheen and is not brushed so it does not shed as much as brushed yarn..Weavers and knitters have found the yarn to be suitable for their purposes is sold in 100gm skeins in a variety of colours..A sample card is available on request.

2.Carded Natural Fibres.

We will card natural fibres for hand spinners..You provide the fibre we will card it!.We can handle small orders as the Carder is designed for amounts as small as 10 lbs..We can wash the fibre here or you can do it yourself..In addition carded mohair/wool blends as well as llamas fibre can be purchased from us

For pricing and shipping information , please contact:

Robert Milne

RR#2 Christmas Island N.S. Canada BOA 1CO

voice (902) 871-2170

fax, (902) 871-2140