Outlaws Patch 1.1 and 2.0 version

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outlaws 2.0 version patch

You need 2 of this files installed in to your hardrive to play. Just make sure you installed in to the right driver :)( If you don't know where it suposed to go, just *go default*.

Here is 1.1 version patch _Size_ 3.04 Meg 1.1 version OutlawS-Patch.

And here is 2.0 version Hand-out commision patch * It included 3-4 more new levels, Thunder Tower, Orleans and Repair. In order to play Outlaws on the Zone/ you got to have this files _Size_ 5.37 Meg2.0 version OutlawS-Patch.

After you have it all installed, then you are ready to rock !!

Win98 was released, outlaws doesn't seem to get a long with win98 so Lucasart released a 2.01 v patch for win98. 2.01v doesn't seem to improve much but atleast it help. If it doesn't work with e.i browser try 4.0 netscape._Size_ 600 kb 2.01 version OutlawS-Patch.

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