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Who's Mil Tourney ChampianShip this week?
Check It out!

Every weeken Mil, gether up to gether over Zone/tourney-room

We fight against each other as a team 2x2 to see who is the best of this week Mil tourney.

We fight for a pack of cigarett.

and a bottle of "Whiskey"

Every body has there own destiney, as they are step in to the battle. A Smoking guns blazing through the field .

It's a bloodey battle you have ever since.

It is a MIL a Tourney"s

Tomorrow we got work to do.

So, don't for get to be there neXt week,

for more information visit Higster page.

Week of july, 12 1998 winners are
1St. place -Higster
score 20-16 Single
Sec. Place -Cyberdemon

Week of july, 5 1998 winners are
1St. place -Light
score 20-11 Single
Sec. Place -Rat

Week of june, 20 1998 winners are
1St. place -None yet
score none yet
Sec. Place -None Yet

Week of june, 13 1998 winners are
1St. place -Patompitaya and Light
score 25-16
Sec. Place -Gun and Trooper

Week of june, 7 1998 MiL tourney's winners are Patompitaya and Angel Eyes
score 25-18
Sec. Place Trooper and Regin

Please Report a score to
Patompitaya neXt time.
Thank you!
Last updated June, 13 1998