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Thailand Kites Festival

About Thailand Kite Festival

Thailand International Kites Festival

Summer and kites are inseparable. Many people refer to the hot wind of summer, known locally as "Tapao Wind" as the kite wind, as it coincides with the kite-flying season. Sanam Luang Royal Parade Ground, adjacent to the Grand Palace of the King during this time is full of colours as kite enthusiasts gather here to fly their kites.

For this colourful event, a Thailand International Kites Festival was eventually introduced to take place in March each year with the purpose to promote and preserve kite-flying as part of the national heritage. The Festival truned out to be a great success having attracted huge crowds of kite flyers and those interested in the sport.

Kite-flying was introduced to Thailand during the Sukhothai period.However , the first ever recorded kite-flying contest was held under the auspices of King Chulalongkorn whose "King's Cup" was awarded to the winner of the contest.

Kites from each country have their own unique looks, shapes and colours which help distinguish one from the other.At the Thailand International Kites Festival, more than 20 countries from seven continents are represented with kites of great variety and originality. Amoung the participating kites are Chula and Pukpao kites from Thailand, Megabyte from Newzealand,Japan's string of 1,000 kites, stunt kites from America and those from India , Malaysia, Singapore, England and Australia.

As Kite flyers from around the world gather, the crowds will have the opportunity to marvel at the encounter of the Chula and pakpao kites in mid air.

Of course, on top of the spectacular exhibition of kites from around the world the Festival offers many other activities of interest at Sanam Luang beginning at 10:00 am until dusk. More details about the Festival is available from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The 1997 Thailand International Kite Festival brings 140 flyers and half a million spectators to downtown Bangkok

Click here to see pictures of 1997 Thailand International Kite Festival

Chantabun Kites Festival

Chantabun Kites Festival has been held in Chantaburi Province in the first week in December since 1995

The Snake Kite, 1500 m long and my Power Hawk at the Chantabun Kites Festival

Burirum Kites Festival(I-San Kites Festival)

Since 1985, the annual province wide kite festival has been held in Burirum Province in the first week in December , but "competitions among the villages has been going on for hundred of years".

December 12-13 1998 Burirum kites Festival(I-San Kites Festival) This annual competiton features various forms of traditional Thai Kites; and includes surrogate battles of the sixes featuring Chula and Pakpao kites.More details about the Festival is available from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Miss Burirum Kites Festival 1996 Contest

Three Song Hong Kites at Burirum Kites Festival

I usually go fly kites at every kite festivals in Thailand , if you would like to know about information , just drop me a line , I would be happy to send you some infomation.


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