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About Me

Here is my Voice , I am ThaiKites in IRC#kites

Hello ,

This is my home site, I am Kumthon Charungkitkul , I live in Thailand. I have 2 houses one in Bangkok , and the otherone in Suphan Buri Province , I work in Suphan Buri province for 5 days a week and live in Bankok 2 days a week. I have been flying kites since 1995 , I am enjoy flying every kind of kites ,I usually go fly kites at Mueng Thong Thani kite field Northern Bangkok every sunday with my group. I am a real fanatic kite flyers ,I am a new kite maker , and I would like to be a part of world kites.

(This picture is showed me with my homemade 2.1 Rokkaku)

Good winds, Fly fun............

Kumthon Charungkitkul AKA member *** Kites Fanatic *** Sport Kite Association of Thailand.
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Tiger Homepage(my son website)


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